Peaky Blinders: Mastermind Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
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Get all Trophies
Complete level one
Complete level two
Complete level three
Complete level four
Complete level five
Complete level six
Complete level seven
Complete level Eight
Complete level nine
Complete level ten
Pick up 10% of the collectables
Pick up 50% of the collectables
Pick up 80% of the collectables
Pick up 100% of the collectables
Threaten 5 people
Pick 3 locks
Bribe 3 guards
Brawl 10 thugs
Kick 10 doors
Burn 3 barricades
Pickpocket 2 guards
Distract 10 guards
Rewind 300 seconds overall
Complete an objective with 1 second left
Complete 3 levels without getting spotted
Get through the first trenches nightmare in 150 seconds
Get Gold time on 3 levels
Get the Gold time on all levels.
Get your first Gold time.
Eavesdrop on the Chinese in under 180 seconds.