Patapon Remastered Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Learn the basics by completing the first mission.
Collect 300 ka-ching in one mission.
Summon the power of JuJu to perform a miracle.
Complete a mission with just one remaining Patapon (in addition to the Hatapon).
Clear "Gong the Hawkeye".
Clear "Convoy Escort".
Clear "Battle! Mt. Bachikoi Fort".
Clear "Meden Kidnapped".
Clear "Facing Gate Ghoul Baban".
Defeat Dodonga.
Defeat Majidonga.
Defeat Zaknel.
Defeat Dokaknel.
Defeat Gaeen.
Defeat Ciokina.
Defeat Cioking.
Defeat Shookle.
Defeat Shooshookle.
Defeat Gorl.
Unlock Ton Kampon's mini game.
Unlock Fah Zakpon's mini game.
Unlock Pan the Pakapon's mini game.
Unlock Kon Kimpon's mini game.
Unlock the Rah Gashapon's mini game.
Create a Mogyoon Ultra Rarepon.
Create a Barsala Ultra Rarepon.
Use each type of unit at least once.
Defeat a level 10 boss.
Acquire 9 Divine items.
Complete 25 missions with a single unit without being reborn.
Remain in Fever status for one minute.
Lose a boss battle with 5% or less of the boss' health remaining.
Defeat a boss with an army of only one unit type.
Disrupt the beat 15 times in a single level.