My Memory of Us Trophy List

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Finish the game
Escape from the train
Find the Girl in "The Inferior World"
Interrupt the photo session
Find all collectibles
Find half of the collectibles
Put 3 apples in the basket with one shot
Set plates on the table in 13 moves or less
Finish dance sequence in "The Thief's Duty" with no more than 2 mistakes
Take her hand for the first time
Finish "Changes, Changes, Changes" without alarming any of the policeman
Set all the posters without starting any alarm
Transport letter between separated couple
Collect the key with 3 or less drone route changes
On "Interrupted Adventure" after you find the Girl never again leave her in the darkness
Defeat fish-boss without taking more than 3 hits
Visit one nod in the labyrinth 3 times
Print all posters without making a mistake
Find the truth behind propaganda
On "The Inferior World" finish bike segment without getting hit once
Finish ball minigame in less then 40 seconds
Finish labyrinth in less then 40 seconds