Move or Die Trophy List

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Finish a round of “Color Craze” without any tile of your color
Get your butt kicked by the AI Bots
Win during sudden death
In a 4 player “Sugar Rush” match, be the only one to eat a candy
In “Bomb Tag”, pass the bomb right before it explodes
Kill 3 players with a single scream in “Ghost Scare”
Get a kill from the other side of the level in “Jump Shot”
Push everybody around in a “Falling Blocks” game
In “Jump Shot” shoot an enemy bullet with your own bullet
Reach the finish line in "Speed Run"
Kill 3 players with the rocket explosion while it’s targeting you in "Rocket Run"
Win a round of "Fizzle Floor" after all the tiles have disappeared
Play a round of each game mode
Kill a player with his own chainsaw in "Chainsaw Backstab"
Kill yourself with your own bullet in "Heavy Bullets"
Kill 2 players with a single shot in “God Gun”
Succesfully acomplish a jetpack dunk in “Hoops"
Steal from 3 players in a match of "Loot Grab"
Kill 3 other characters in a single round of "Mind Control"
Survive until there are over 150 bullets on screen in a round of “Super Hot”
Escape a bomb that’s as big as the entire level in “Detonation Zone”