MISTOVER Trophy List

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You’ve recruited each of the Corps Crew’s 8 occupations at least once.
52 weeks have gone by.
1 Corps Crew member has died of starvation.
1 Corps Crew member has died in battle with a monster.
1 Corps Crew member has died running into a trap.
1 Corps Crew member has died from Bleeding.
1 Corps Crew member has died destroying an obstacle.
1 Corps Crew member has died touching a Light Flower.
You’ve completed the game on Easy.
You’ve completed the game on Normal.
You’ve completed the game on Hard.
You’ve raised 1 Corps Crew member to level 20.
You’ve raised 5 Corps Crew members to level 20.
You’ve eradicated 100 monsters in the Forest of Mist.
You’ve eradicated 150 monsters in the Cathedral Ruins.
You’ve eradicated 200 monsters in the Cursed Town.
You’ve eradicated 250 monsters in the Frozen Mountains.
You’ve eradicated 100 monsters in the Sleeping Lake.
You’ve eradicated 2,000 monsters.
You’ve walked 1000 steps.
You’ve walked 42195 steps.
You’ve acquired 100,000 gold.
You’ve leveled up 4 skills of 1 Crew Member to Level 5.
You’ve won a battle with 1 Crew Member in Limbo.
You’ve reached Level 5 in one field of research.
You’ve escaped from a monster’s pursuit 100 times by hiding in a bush.
You’ve arrived at Town in a new playthrough (Round 2).
You’ve acquired 500 pieces of equipment.
You’ve evaluated equipment 50 times.
You’ve Fused equipment 50 times.
You’ve recruited 25 members of the Corps Crew.
You’ve rescued 10 members of the Corps Crew.
You’ve opened 100 treasure chests.
You’ve gone through 300 piles of Debris.
You’ve activated 100 Light Flowers.
You’ve experienced temporary side effects from using a contaminated item.
You’ve acquired 1 relic piece.
Finished game with Normal Ending.
Finished game with True Ending.
Finished game with Bad Ending.
You’ve used Co-op skills 1000 times.
You’ve witnessed 5 monsters simultaneously while exploring.
You’ve opened all the treasure chests during an expedition, but did not kill any monsters and escaped through the Exit.
You’ve crushed 3 obstacles at once with a Paladin.
You've used a Ronin’s expedition skill to move 15 spaces or more at once.
You’ve been engaged by monsters 5 times in succession.
All Trophies have been acquired.
You’ve arrived at Town.
You’ve received your first request.
You’ve completed 30 requests.
Your first dungeon entry.
You’ve successfully completed 1 expedition.
You’ve successfully completed 30 expeditions.
You’ve escaped the expedition.
You’ve run away from a battle.
You’ve won your first battle.
You’ve dismissed a Corps Crew Member for the first time.
You’ve eliminated the Great Worm, the boss of the Misty Forest.
You’ve eliminated the Goddess of Wealth, the boss of the Cathedral Ruins.
You’ve eliminated the Hive Mind, the boss of the Cursed Town.
You’ve eliminated the Elder Emperor, the boss of the Frozen Mountains.
You’ve eliminated the Great One, the boss of the Sleeping Lake.
You’ve used each of the 8 occupational expedition skills at least once.
The Expedition Corps has been annihilated.