Memories of Mars Trophy List

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Learn all Tier 2 Crafting recipes.
Learn all Tier 2 Building recipes.
Learn all Tier 3 Crafting recipes.
Learn all Tier 3 Building recipes.
Complete the entire skilltree progression.
Unlock all trophies.
Exit the Cloning Facility.
Completely fill your Oxygen gauge using an Oxygen Canister (Inventory item, not pipeline).
Completely fill your Oxygen gauge using the Oxygen Pipeline (Not canisters).
Respawn at a Cloning Chamber.
Customize the appearance of your suit.
Attach a module to a weapon.
Have a piece of armor in every slot.
Join or create an Alliance.
Authenticate a Schematic.
Complete the Wake-Up Call protocols.
Kill a Scuttler (get the killing blow).
Kill a Serpentes (get the killing blow).
Kill a Mantis (get the killing blow).
Kill a Juggernaut.
Kill another player.
Kill 100 Scuttlers.
Kill 100 Serpentes.
Kill a Scuttler while it is clinging to a surface.
Kill a Serpentes while it is executing its jump attack.
Kill a Mantis while it's invisible.
Disable the searchlight of a Drone.
Die from falling damage.
Receive all possible FLOPs from a PvP event.
Launch a Memory Capsule.
Equip all components of the Exosuit.
Collect 500 Iron Ore.
Harvest 1000 resources using mining and salvaging tools.
Craft a Pistol.
Craft a Submachine Gun.
Craft a Shotgun.
Craft a Sniper.
Build up a structure.
Spend FLOPs to upgrade a building.
Fully upgrade a building.
Earn 3000 Survival points.
Spend 5000 Survival points.
Learn all Tier 1 Crafting recipes.
Learn all Tier 1 Building recipes.