Mad Games Tycoon Trophy List

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Sell at least 30,000,000 units of a game.
Buy all developers.
Get a graphic rating of 90% or more.
Get a sound rating of 90% or more.
Get a controls rating of 90% or more.
Develop a First Person Shooter.
Develop an interactive movie.
Develop a sports game.
Develop an arcade game.
Develop an Role Playing Game.
Develop a strategy game.
Develop a game with a good genre combination.
Develop a game that sets a new trend.
Create a game for four platforms.
Produce and sell a game.
Develop a Massively Multiplayer Online Game.
Develop your own game console.
Sell at least 50 million units from a single game console.
Have more than one billion dollars. (Difficulty: Legendary)
Hire at least 50 employees. (Difficulty: Hard)
Develop an puzzle game. (Difficulty: Hard)
Publish a game that follows a trend. (Difficulty: Hard)
Buy one developer. (Difficulty: Hard)
Create an engine with all features. (Difficulty: Hard)
Create a game for a publisher.
Develop the worst game of the year.
Create and sell a games bundle.
Create and sell a budget game.
Unlock all the trophies for Mad Games Tycoon.
Have at least 1,000,000 fans.
Develop a game with a rating of 100%.
Received a rating of at least 95%.
Buy the largest building.
Develop an engine.
Hire at least 100 employees.
Become a developer of the year.
Show your games on the "Mad Games Convention".
Receive the award "Game of the Year".
Sell at least 1,000,000 units of a game.
Sell at least 10,000,000 units of a game.