Hunter's Trophy 2: America Trophy Guide

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Hunter's Trophy 2 is a lot better than I would have expected it being, but it's still far from a great game. The trophies are fairly simple, and the concept isn't a bad one, but the aiming is the worst I've seen in any game. Still, if you can get past that then you'll easily 100% this game.

  • Author : Yokaifamily26
  • Time To 100% : 2-10 Hours (depending on accuracy)
  • Difficulty : 2/10
  • Online Trophies : 0/15
  • Offline Trophies : 15/15
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

This game is fairly simple, and although I’m breaking this down into two steps, it could easily be done just by going through each level, killing every little thing you see until you earn all the trophies.

Step 1: Complete every level

Simply complete every level, or Hunting Plan, shooting range test, and Academy courses. This will automatically earn you the gold trophy, and several of the bronze along the way. In this step you will earn:

pstbronzeGood Student

pstbronzeHunting Companion

pstbronzeNo more joking around!

pstbronzeWithout Breathing

pstbronzeBull’s eye

pstgoldThe season’s over




Step 2: Everything Else

Now just load up past levels to gain xp and carry out the misc trophies that’ll make you fail the levels. You would likely already have Great Reflexes and/or Ninja, but if you don’t earn those too.


pstbronzeBad Master





pstbronzeBad Hunter

pstbronzeGood Reflexes!

pstsilverA hunter that knows how to hunt

Having killed a dog

Other than the story trophies, this is the easiest trophy to earn. Once you've unlocked the ability to use a hunting dog, choose a level that has one (most of the levels you unlock after unlocking dogs use them), and just shoot your dog. This may fail the level, but you'll get the trophy.

Kill 10 pests

See Exterminator.

Kill 100 pests

Pests are the animals you'll see running around certain levels that you can just kill an infinite amount of. To earn this trophy you need to kill 100, which sounds like a grind, but it's not that bad so long as you casually kill them as you progress through the game.

Now the trophy may have just been delayed, but when I went for the Cleaner trophy (kill 10 pests), the trophy didn't pop until I picked up the corpse, so you may actually need to pick up the body after you killed the animal (which you should do anyway for extra xp).

Kill a puma

On the last level of Alaska and all the levels in Alberta, look for the puma. Just kill one for the trophy. You'll fail the mission, but earn your trophy.

Participate in all shooting range tests

Really easy, there are only three shooting range tests in the game. Just go to the shooting range after each one unlocks (or save it till the end), and complete them. It doesn't matter what score you earn, as long as you've participated (you don't even need to finish them), you will earn the trophy.

While stalking, do not get spotted by a big game animal

To sneak, press the circle button. When on any hunt plan that has a big game animal, sneak up to one and shoot it, without it ever knowing you were there. It's a fairly straightforward trophy, and it shouldn't be too difficult for you to obtain.

Kill an animal that is not in the hunt plan

Getting this trophy means failing a level, and being forced to restart it, but it's another trophy to add to your collection.

Simply load up any level that has animals not a part of the hunt plan (such as one of the first few Buck hunting missions), and kill whatever animal you weren't supposed to (in the Buck's level, you just need to kill a doe).

Get the hunting permit

Story related and cannot be missed. This will be the very first trophy you earn.

Get the dog-handler permit

Story related and cannot be missed.

Get the big game permit

Story related and cannot be missed.

Get the pro permit

Story related and cannot be missed.

Get the sniper permit

Story related and cannot be missed.

Kill a fleeing big game animal

This is the opposite of the Ninja trophy, as it requires you to get spotted by a big game animal. Once you get spotted, the big game animal will then try to flee. Kill it before it does so to earn the trophy.

Unlock all of the hunter's skills

Simply reach max level and earn every skill. The first few levels come by really fast, but it starts to slow down a bit around level 10. I recommend putting points into shot first, as this will make the game a bit easier, but it doesn't make a huge difference.

For fast xp gain, I recommend either loading up a level with "pests" (the creatures you can kill an infinite amount of without losing), or a level that just spawns in animals like "Introduction to Stand Hunting", where you can kill an infinite amount of hares until the level ends.

You should wait until you've beaten the game before grinding out levels, as you'll likely be pretty close to max level in the end.

Complete all of the hunt plans for the Hunting Season

Story related and cannot be missed.

To get this you must complete every single hunt plan in each state (just beat the game).