Hotline Miami Trophy List

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Unlock All Trophies
Perform a 4x combo
Perform a 6x combo
Perform an 8x combo
Perform a 10x combo
Perform a 12x combo
Hit an enemy with a weapon bounced against a wall
Use a human shield
Throw a weapon at an enemy so that his weapon hits another
Get an A+ on any chapter
Beat the main story
Die 1000 times
Unlock all weapons
Use all melee weapons at least once
Find Jones the Crocodile
Collect all the puzzle pieces
Solve the Puzzle
Kill 1989 enemies
Destroy 200 glass panels
Kill 99 dogs
Go to the car 60 times
Complete chapter five barehanded
Use all throwing weapons at least once
Collect all the masks
Use all guns at least once
Kill two enemies with the same brick in one throw
Kill the panthers using Brandon the Panther
Kill the crapping gangster with a fireaxe
Get A+ on all the chapters
Perform every ground kill in the game
Wear all masks at least once
Clear Chapter 2 using Nigel the Bat
Kill three or more enemies with the same brick in one throw
Beat the epilogue
Beat the epilogue with secret ending