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Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a point and click game with a super easy platinum. If you follow the guide, you can get the platinum in well under an hour. There are quite a few missable trophies which does make things a little annoying when trying to get the platinum in a single run. The good thing to know is that even if you screw up and miss one, the game is so short that you can quickly play through it again to get the trophy you missed.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 1-2 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/26
  • Offline Trophies : 26/26
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Missable Trophies: Every Breath You TakeThe Gravity Simulation SwitchInconceivableBring me my detonators!Sharing is caringCall Autoglass!One can never be too carefulCardio, bruhWhat a thrillShe's behind you!Premium Engineering+1 GeologyDamn you all!Nailed ItCheese sir, I want some moreBubbles!

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

The first thing to know here is that the game has a bunch of missable trophies. Some of them have a fairly large window for which you can get them, making it a little less stressful. There are others that are quite easy to miss. There are then some trophies that are decision based. Option A gets you this trophy, Option B gets you the other. For these you will need to make backup saves in order to get them both in the same playthrough.

The best and only way you should be going for this platinum is by using the video guide below. It is brilliant. It will show you what to do, when to make backup saves and how to get the platinum in a single run, very quickly.

As you play the game, it is no harm to make regular saves in rotating slots. In the event you find out you have missed something important, you should be able to easily go back and get it. If you do completely mess up, you can start the game and get back to where you were very quickly once you know what to do. Missing a missable trophy isn’t the end of the world.

As you play through the game you will unlock some trophies naturally. Take note of the missable trophies and make sure you read the guide so that you do not miss them. I’ve marked the trophies that have long windows for you to unlock as “Sorta Missable”.

Every Breath You Take  (Missable)
One Small Step… 
Don’t show me this tip again 
The Gravity Simulation Switch  (Sorta Missable)
Bring me my detonators!  (Sorta Missable)
Inconceivable (Sorta Missable)
Sharing is caring  (Missable) (Make a game save as this is a decision)
Call Autoglass!  (Missable)(Make a game save as this is a decision)
Leg breaker  (Sorta Missable)
One can never be too careful  (Missable)
I can’t believe you’ve done this! 
What a thrill (Very Missable)(Decision here makes other trophies missable too. Make a game save.)
Cardio, bruh  (Missable)(Decision, make a save)
While simultaneously no earned  (Sorta Missable)
She’s behind you! (Missable)(Decision, make a save)
Premium Engineering  (Missable)(Decision, make a save)
+1 Geology  (Missable)
Damn you all!  (Missable)
Master of Unlocking Trophies  (Sorta Missable)
Lullabies to paralyze 
Nailed It  (Missable)
Cheese sir, I want some more  (Missable)
Bubbles!  (Very Missable)(Being able to do this depends on how you use the wash liquid)
That’s all we could afford 
The Crown Jewels 

Complete Her Majesty's SPIFFING: The Empire Staggers Back
Super hard trophy.
Look intently at Sub Lieutenant Jones
When you are sitting in the cockpit seat at the start of the game, look over at Aled and press Square. Keep doing this over and over until he tells you to stop looking at him. The trophy will unlock after this.
Examine the Gravity Simulation Switch
From the cockpit, walk outside to the hallway. You will see a red box on the wall on the left side. This is the gravity simulation switch. Interact with it and the trophy will unlock.
Attempt to mix washing up liquid and tea
If you will need to do this as soon as possible, the washy liquid and tea will become unavailable later on in the game if you do not get this done early. When you are in the kitchen making the tea, pickup the washy liquid on the counter and pick up the tea mugs. Go over to GERTEA and begin making the tea.

Fill Aleds mug with tea. Once it has been filled, open your inventory and use the washy liquid to combine it with the tea. The trophy will unlock once you do this.
Talk to G.E.R.T.E.A. about British villains
You will find G.E.R.T.E.A in the kictchen. You are gonna have to interact with it as part of the story so you will definitely get this at some stage. To trigger this dialog you will need to go to the sitting room and start from here. Go to the left and enter the kitchen. When in the kitchen, talk with Gertea and keep talking until you have exhausted all dialogue options. Once you have spoken with him 5 or 6 times the trophy will unlock.
Give Sub Lieutenant Jones English's tea
This is a choice based trophy so it can be missed. You should save your game before you attempt this one so that you do not have to replay a larger portion of the game to get the trophy for the other decision.

Go to the kitchen and get Aled’s mug and English’s mug. Fill both of them with tea using G.E.R.T.E.A and go back to the cockpit. Make a backup save before sitting down in the cockpits seat.

Equip English’s mug and and use the item by pressing X and down on the left stick. This will give the mug to Aled and unlock the trophy.
Crash into ejected fuel cell when at the controls of the HMSS Imperialise
This is a choice related trophy like “Sharing is caring” so the same process applies here. Make a manual save so you do not need to do anything over. This trophy is also one that you can miss because you do not react on time. Read this full trophy guide before proceeding to make sure that you don’t mess it up.

After you have unlocked “Sharing is Caring”, you will have Aled’s mug of tea in your inventory. Equip it and give it to Aled. He will give you control of the ship since he has nowhere to put the 2 cups of tea you have given to him. You will have 5 minutes to unlock this trophy otherwise you will be locked out of it and need to try again.

Move your hands over the controls and start hitting random buttons using X. After a while you will see a message at the top of the screen that says “Primary starboard fuel cell jettisoned”. This means the fuel cell has been shot out into space. You should see it floating around in front of you. You need to quickly move your hand over the main controls of the ship and press X and push forward on the left stick to accelerate forward toward the fuel cell.
Locate the paperclip
You get the paper clip from the safety instructions behind English’s seat. It is part of the story so you will not be able to miss this trophy.
Ensure no one can erase the driver

Go to the sitting room and you will see a floppy drive next to a computer here. You should have a paper clip already as it is behind the safety instructions you interacted with to unlock Don't show me this tip again . You need to use the paper clip to eject the floppy disc from the drive.

Once you have the floppy disc, you can move on with the story until you get an objective to install a driver to activate the controller in the cockpit. You will need to do this to progress, so you can’t miss this part. Examine the floppy drive and turn it around. You will see there is an option to unlock the drive on the back. Do this and then equip the floppy drive and insert it back into the floppy drive.

Interact with the computer and you will need to copy the driver onto the floppy drive. Once this is done, take the floppy disc back and examine it. Rotate the disc around again and press X on the lock symbol to lock the disc again, getting you the trophy.

Wake up Sub Lieutenant Jones
This is part of the story. You will need to get English’s tea from the kitchen. You need to go back to the cockpit and give Aled the tea. This will cause you to splash him with the tea to wake him up.
Break a sweat when using the treadmill
This is an decision based trophy. You will need to open a hatch in the hallway, but English is too fat to fit through. You need to use the treadmill or toe washy liquid to solve the problem. There is a trophy for each option. If you decide to use the washy liquid on the hatch to unlock “What a thrill” you will be unable to unlock this trophy. You need to save the game before you decide on either of these so you can reload the save and get both trophies.
Use the ladder like a boss

Be careful here. Not only is this trophy missable, but it will also trigger 2 other trophies to become missable. This is a decision trophy that is directly tied to “Cardio, bruh”. When English is too fat to get through the hatch, you will need to do something to help him get through it. You can either use the treadmill or the Washy Liquid. You need to make a save before you do this and more IMPORTANTLY! You need to unlock this trophy first!!

The washy liquid is required to unlock Bubbles!  later on in the game. If you use the washy liquid now, you won't be able to get this trophy later on. To get everything in a single run, you need to make a save, unlock this trophy, load the save and unlock Cardio, bruh  and then continue on with the game. This way you have both trophies and can still unlock Bubbles.

So to get this trophy, get the washy liquid from the kitchen and use it on the hatch. You will get the trophy once you go through the hatch. Once the trophy pops, reload the save and use the treadmill to continue on with the game.

Crush a table top football player
The table top football game is in the bedroom. Walk on top of this and you will get the trophy once one of the players is crushed.
Find a replacement motor, when asked

This is a decision based trophy related to how you use the motorized screwdriver. Unlocking this trophy will mean you can’t unlock Premium Engineering.

First off, you need to have the motorized screwdriver. This is found inside a toolbox in the engineering room. !Careful here! When you return to Aled he will ask you to give him the screwdriver, DO NOT DO THIS! Make a game save at this point so that you don’t miss either trophies.

Go to the bedroom and go over to the cupboard. Equip the screwdriver and use it to remove the hinges. Open the cupboard and a motor will fall out, unlocking the trophy. Reload the save you made and move onto unlocking Premium Engineering .

Locate the French camp while driving the Beagle Two Too

This is a decision based trophy related to how you use the motorized screwdriver. Unlocking this trophy will mean you can’t unlock She's behind you! .

First off, you need to have the motorized screwdriver. This is found inside a toolbox in the engineering room. For She's behind you!  you needed to avoid giving the screwdriver to Aled. This time you need to give it to him. Drive the rover around the planets surface until the trophy unlocks.

Examine all the rocks on the planet surface

There are 6 rocks that you need to examine while on the planet's surface. They are all really easy to find and hard to miss. See the video guide below for the location of all of the rocks.

Summon the Power of Greyskull to distract Antoine and Pierre
This is part of the story and can’t be missed.
Maybe it was earth all along?
When you are on the planet surface, you will see the Statue of Liberty to the left side of the ladder. Run toward the statue for a few seconds until the trophy pops.
Observe Schrödinger's cat both alive and dead
Go to the lab and inside this room you will find a box. Examine the box using square. You may or may not hear a meow come from inside the box. Either way, you will need to keep repeating the following steps until the outcome changes.

Exit the room, then go back inside. Interact with the box again. Repeat this process 3 times. If you heard no meow the first time you went into the room. Keep going until you hear a meow. Reverse this if you did hear a meow, keep going until you hear nothing. OOOR to make this more simple, just keep going in and out, interacting with the box each time until the trophy unlocks.
Soothe a group of frogs to sleep
You will unlock this as part of the story where you need to get the frogs in the lab to fall asleep. Playing Lilypad Lullabies on the B side of the record will do this.
Fail to catch a frog even when they are asleep
As you play through the story you will get to a point where you need to put a tank of frogs to sleep. Once they are sleeping you will need to capture one. You will have control of a claw in the tank that you use to catch a frog. Press X to use the claw. All you need to do to get this trophy is press X to use the claw and make sure it doesn't catch a frog. If you catch a frog, you will be unable to try again and miss out on this trophy. Make a save before you try this to be safe.
Save game progress using the typewriter
There is a typewriter in the lab next to the box. Interact/Grab the typewriter, open the save game menu and save the game. Once you exit the save game menu the trophy will unlock.
Acquire a second block of cheese

Once you have gotten the frog from the frog tank in the lab, combine it with the cheddar cheese. Give it to Antoine at the French camp. Once he has the frog, speak with Aled and ask him the following “Do you have a frog handy” and “Do you have any cheese”. Once you complete this the trophy will unlock.

Place washing liquid inside washing machine before it's activated
This trophy is missable if you did not pay attention early on in the game. A while back, English was unable to get through a hatch because he was too fat. You could use the treadmill or the washing liquid to get him through. You needed to use the washing liquid first and then reload the save to use the treadmill afterwards. If you used the treadmill, the washy liquid should still be in the game for you to use here. If you made a mistake here, you will need to restart the game. It’s like 1 hour to get back here once you know what you are doing, so it isn’t the end of the world if you miss this one.

To get the trophy you will need to put the washy liquid in the French ships security system. You will enter their ship toward the end of the game. Before you do this you will need to make sure you have the washy liquid and a rock in your inventory. The liquid can be found in the kitchen and the rock can be gotten from Beagle Two Too when you interact with it.
Once you are inside the French ship, use the rock on the emergency stop switch. This will give you a short time span to interact with the security system. If you run out of time, you will need to use the rock on the switch again. Once the switch is hit, use the washing liquid on the security system. The trophy should unlock right away.
Commence your mission on board the HMSS Imperialise!
The trophy will unlock the first time you play as English. Will unlock once you exit the chair.
Complete Her Majesty's SPIFFING: The Empire Staggers Back
Will unlock automatically once you finish the game.