Hellpoint Trophy List

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You answered every challenge of Irid Novo
Defeated the Archon Slaver
Defeated the four Archon Knights
Defeated the Arisen Congregators
Defeated the Artillery
Defeated the Celestial Beast
Defeated the Consumer
Kept your data and defeated The Interface
Answered the challenge of Undisturbed Defas Nemundis
Answered the challenge of Ozyormy Goija, the Master of Puppets
Vanquished The Sentient
Defeated Our Preying Hostess
Defeated the Transporter
Answered the challenge of Uthos, the Ashen Born
Did as asked and ended it peacefully
Found and input one of the Five Eyes codes
Destroyed the prodigal spawn
Helped the Architect repaired the Interface
Helped the Old Man
Repaired the EVA suit and went for a walk outside Irid Novo
Turned off the lights, from the start to the end
Found the 66 coins
Talked to a cosmic God
Gained the trust of a cosmic God
Found a monolith and explored the Underworld
Socketed an upgrade chip
Synchronized a Breach
Reached a more challenging parallel universe
Opened the Observatory's Iris, and gazed in Sagittarius' depth
Defeated a horde
Printed an item using a blueprint
Equipped the cube and used a program