Hardware: Rivals Trophy List

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Get all the trophies.
Complete basic training.
Destroy your first enemy.
Customize your vehicle.
Destroy 10 vehicles with each secondary weapon.
Complete a match on every map.
Activate all the Special Weapons.
Win any match.
Win 5 team matches.
Complete 25 challenges.
Reach Level 2.
Hit Level 5.
Complete a match in every vehicle.
Get 50 kills.
Collect 250 health or armor pick-ups.
Take out 10 enemies while their engines are offline.
Take out 10 enemies while their weapons are offline.
Get 100 kills.
Get 10 revenge kills.
Beat friends in 3 Challenges offered during a match.
Destroy 25 enemies using level specials.
Survive for one minute under 30% health.
Retain full health for 2 minutes.
Destroy 3 or more enemies at once.
Destroy anyone on a kill streak.
Take out an enemy with a railgun from 300m or more.
Execute a kill while in the air.
Get 250 kills.
Select an upgrade for every system.
Reach Level 10.
Reach Level 15.
Spend over 5 minutes airborne.
Get the most points on the winning side of a team game.
Destroy an airborne enemy with a railgun.
Destroy 150 opponents while driving a Fast Attack Vehicle.
Destroy 150 opponents while driving a tank.
Hit Level 20.
Get 500 kills.
Hit Level 25.
Get 1000 kills.
Get a kill streak of 5.
Win 50 matches.