God of War Trophy List

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Obtain Traveler armor set
Obtain Ancient armor set
Assist all of the wayward spirits
Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots
Read all of the Jötnar shrines
Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim
Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop’s center chamber
Defeat the nine Valkyries
Obtain all other trophies
Defend your home from The Stranger
Survive the Witch’s Woods
Allow the Light Elves to return home
Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain
Defeat Magni and Modi
Retrieve the Blades of Chaos
Heal Atreus
Rescue Atreus
Ride the ship out of Helheim
Defeat Baldur
Spread the ashes
Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer
Fully explore Veithurgard
Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim
Upgrade a piece of armor
Obtain a Runic Attack Gem
Fully upgrade your Health
Fully upgrade your rage
Craft an outfit for Atreus
Slot an Enchantment into your armor
Kill 2,000 Enemies
Free all of the Dragons
Complete all of Brok and Sindri’s Favors
Collect all of the Artifacts
Kill all of Odin’s Ravens
Fully upgrade a Runic Attack
Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe
Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos