Fallout 4 Trophy List

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Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy
Enter The Wasteland
Complete "When Freedom Calls"
Complete "Unlikely Valentine"
Complete "Reunions"
Complete "Dangerous Minds"
Complete "Hunter/Hunted"
Complete "The Molecular Level"
Complete "The Nuclear Option"
Complete "Institutionalized"
Complete "Mankind-Redefined"
Complete "Powering Up"
Complete "Nuclear Family"
Join the Minutemen
Complete "Taking Independence"
Complete "Old Guns"
Join the Brotherhood of Steel
Complete "Blind Betrayal"
Complete "Ad Victoriam"
Join the Railroad
Complete "Underground Undercover"
Complete "Rockets' Red Glare"
Complete "Sanctuary"
Ally with 3 Settlements
Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement
Complete 10 Side Quests
Complete 50 Misc. Objectives
Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting
Pick 50 Locks
Hack 50 Terminals
Create 50 Weapon Mods
Craft 100 Items
Recruit 5 Separate Companions
Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
Build 100 Workshop Items
Play a Holotape Game
Kill 5 Giant Creatures
Discover 100 Locations
Read 20 Magazines
Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing
Kill 300 People
Kill 300 Creatures
Get a Homerun
Get a Touchdown
Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Reach Level 5
Reach Level 10
Reach Level 25
Reach Level 50
Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth
Complete "Mechanical Menace"
Complete "Headhunting"
Complete "Restoring Order"
Unlock 10 Robot Mods
Build 10 Robot Mods
Have 5 Tamed Creatures in a Settlement
Start a Spectated Arena Fight in a Settlement
Build One of Every Cage Type
Complete the quest "Far From Home"
Complete the quest "Where You Belong"
Complete the quest "The Way Life Should Be"
Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land"
Complete the quest "Close to Home"
Collect all issues of "The Islander's Almanac" magazine
Defeat 30 Far Harbor Sea Creatures
Discover 20 Far Harbor Locations
Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop Locations
Cook One of the New Far Harbor Recipes
Display a weapon on a weapon rack, armor on an armor rack, and power armor in a power armor display
Assign a settler to a pillory
Produce 100 objects from your builders
Become Overseer
Unlock all build areas of Vault 88
Equip Vault 88 suit and Pip-boy on a settler
Complete 12 quests for any Nuka-World Raider Gangs
Collect every issue of Scav! Magazine
Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola
Establish 8 Raider Camps in the Commonwealth
Defeat 40 Nuka-World Creatures while under the effect of any Nuka-Mix flavor
Redeem 100,000 tickets at the Nuka-Cade
Complete "Taken for a Ride"
Complete "The Grand Tour"
Complete "Home Sweet Home"
Complete "Power Play"