Doughlings: Invasion Trophy List

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Happy retirement!
Don’t miss any shots in any 50 Waves.
Complete any 5 levels with a Hit Rate of 95% or better.
Complete 5 levels without losing any lives.
Finish 50 waves where some Queens couldn’t even come.
Hit 450 Queens.
Finish the game on Normal mode.
Finish the game on Hard mode.
Finish the game on Insane mode.
Fully upgrade any Persona.
Fully upgrade all Personas.
Morph to Zap 150 times.
Morph to Gunslinger 120 times.
Morph to Destroyer 90 times.
Morph to Armor 60 times.
Show Off with Morpheus 90 times.
Show Off with Zap 75 times.
Show Off with Gunslinger 60 times.
Show Off with Destroyer 45 times.
Show Off with Armor 30 times.
Complete Beach level in less than 7 minutes.
Complete Landing Ground level in less than 9 minutes.
Complete Field level in less than 15 minutes.
Complete Street level in less than 12 minutes.
Complete Hill level in less than 17 minutes.