Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Trophy List

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Acquired All Trophies
It's me, Mr. Navit! You enjoying Digimon Capture? Can't wait to see what you guys get up to!
Never thought I'd get an assistant like this. And that half-cyber body...heh. It seems things are about to get interesting.
EDEN Syndrome, and that gloomy woman... Your fate as a cyber sleuth has only just begun!
Why did Agumon and the other Digimon come to EDEN? Better think on it all night long! Not that there's night in EDEN...
Eaters, a "white ghost boy," and now a cyber sleuth? Cool! About time I got in on this party!
Kamishiro's pulling the strings behind the hacker revolt? If that's true, I gotta do something as leader of the Zaxons!
All things change, and more phenomena are explained every day! Youthful curiosity plays a key role in this, don't you think? Tee-hee...
That ugly thing looked like it hasn't given up. Bring it anytime, I'll clean your clock.
That conceited Arata's proposing infiltration, but these are two separate things! Time for the Rebels!
The first victim of EDEN Syndrome...just who is it? Also...that coffee isn't fit for human consumption...
My name is Omnimon. I must convey to you the crisis approaching your world and mine!
What the!? Just as I think I've saved Yuuko, how come you're the one who's disappeared now!?
That Arata... What's he thinking of doing on his own!? Hurry back, Little Kyoko... They're gonna need your help!
You found my lil' partner! Not bad! I'll call you again if something comes up! ...Refuse, and I'll arrest you.
I know you must be worried about Arata Sanada's whereabouts, but there's something you gotta do now. ...Time for a counterattack.
Me 'n' Veevee are happy to have more allies! ...But wait, what happened to the kid!? That right arm doesn't look good, ya know!? 
People can't help but laugh at the unsightliness that accompanies change, yes? It's a much better look than succumbing to sadness, though.
Before I knew it I was back in Akihabara...but why just me? Does this mean... Did I get revenge for my father?
The five of us are childhood friends? Kyoko is a Digimon!? Wasabi, hatcho miso and cream cheese!? Argh, my head!!!
Fools. Every last one of you is a total fool. ...Even so, you're my friends. Let's go, our fifth friend is waiting for us.
See you tomorrow!
Attained maximum sleuth rank.
Solved 50 cases.
50 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide.
100 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide.
200 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide.
Collected 50 types of Digimon medals.
Collected 100 types of Digimon medals.
Collected 200 types of Digimon medals.
Collected 300 types of Digimon medals.
Collected 400 types of Digimon medals.
Collected all Digimon medals.
Inflicted more than 999 points of damage in one attack.
Unleash a combo with three or more moves.
Fought in over 500 battles.
Fought in over 1,000 battles.
Won the Platinum Cup in the Offline Colosseum.
Won the Legendary Cup in the Offline Colosseum.
Won the Master Cup in the Offline Colosseum.
Maximized CAM of a single Digimon.
Maximized CAM of 30 Digimon.
Maximized ABI of a single Digimon.
Maximized ABI of 10 Digimon.
Raised a single Digimon to the maximum level (level 99).
Digivolved 30 Digimon to Ultimate.
Digivolved 30 Digimon to Mega.
Acquired over one million yen.
Get five islands on your DigiFarm.
Raised the rank of a Farm Island to maximum.
Raised the rank of all Farm Islands to maximum.
Filled one Farm Island with Digimon.
Filled all Farm Islands with Digimon.
Feed Digimon 100 times.
Replied to 30 DigiLine messages.
Answered 20 DigiLine quiz questions correctly.
Achieved 30 victories in Colosseum battles.