Citadel: Forged With Fire Trophy List

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Acquire all trophies
Kill 20 Wolves
Kill 20 Bears
Kill 10 Sprites
Kill 20 Boars
Discover 4 Towers
Place your First Throne
Start or Join a House
Craft 10 Clothing Items
Craft 10 Weapons
Pick Up 250 Items
Place your first crafting bench
Achieve Level 10
Achieve Level 20
Achieve Level 30
Achieve Level 40
Achieve Level 50
Achieve Level 60
Harvest 1000 Wood
Harvest 1000 Stone
Harvest 250 Precious Stones
Harvest 1000 Mana Rune
Build 50 Wood wall, floors, or roofs
Kill 30 Orcs
Kill 20 Trolls
Kill 20 Dragons
Discover 20 loot chests
Tame a Large Dragon
Unlock all structure packs
Pick Up 1000 Items
Mount a Phoenix
Fly for 4 hours (gameplay time)
Craft 50 Clothing Items
Craft 50 Weapons
Kill 100 Infernal Dragons
Kill 30 Death Weavers
Kill 50 Undead
Kill 666 Demons
Kill 20 Eagles
Tame a Demon
Tame an Infernal Dragon
Build 50 stone walls, floors, and roofs
Craft 500 Gold Ingots
Craft 1000 Iron Ingots
Craft 1000 Mana Potions
Craft 1000 Health Potions
Kill 50 Imps
Build 100 Ornate or Marble walls, floors, and roofs.
Kill 100 Unicorns
Pick Up 10,000 Items
Mount a Unicorn