Catlateral Damage Trophy Guide

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Catlateral damage is a quirky simulator game where you get to take control of a cat who is out to destroy his owners house. Jump from shelf to shelf, using your paw to knock all the furniture off the shelves. Once you have finished doing all the damage, you can go back and sleep in your box.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 15-20 Hours
  • Difficulty : 3
  • Online Trophies : 0
  • Offline Trophies : 33
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]


The platinum is pretty easy to get, it’s just a bit of a grind as you need to complete 50 objective rooms and knock over a total of 20,000 items. These are 2 simple trophies, but take a bit of time. Start by playing through all of the objective games and ignore the litterbox for the moment. You will need to complete 50 objective games. As you play you will eventually unlock some bonus levels, such as the mewseum. Keep an eye out for a christmas tree as this will be the easiest way to max out your cats stats. Once you have completed 50 rooms, you should have most of the trophies unlocked without having to try. Nearly all trophies come naturally. To make sure you dont have to spend extra time grinding, keep an eye out for pictures of cats in the walls or on shelves. Knock them over to get 5 points and unlock a picture. You will need to unlock 200 of these for a trophy.

Once you have completed 50 objective levels start a sandbox level. You will need to have unlocked the supermarket level which you should have found in one of the 50 objective levels. This is the only level where you are guaranteed to have over 2000 items that can be knocked over. Play this level and knock over 2000 items. It will likely take close to an hour o get this which will also net you another trophy. You need to spend at least 1 hour in the litter box in order to get a trophy. Once this is completed you will either have the platinum, or have a couple of random trophies left to collect.

While playing through levels, keep an eye out for the following things in order to make the grind less painful. Play with 100 can toys, Catch mice, Seeing Red, Photo hoarder, Mine, Time Trial, Look Ma, No Paws, Bigger Meowth, Cat Nap, Well Behaved, This Thing In Particular.

Unlock all other trophies

 This will unlock after you have collected all of the other trophies in the game.

Complete the tutorial

 The game forces you to play the tutorial when you first play the game so this can't be missed.

Knock over 1,000 objects

 This should come naturally as you play. A single run in objective mode should get you well over 1000.

Knock over 5,000 objects

This should also come naturally as you play through the game. The number isn't too high.

Knock over 20,000 objects

This one will come as you go for the other trophies, you shouldn't have to focus too hard on going for this. By the time you get all of the other trophies in the game you should be quite close to having 20k if you haven't already gotten this much.

Get a score of 2,000 or more in Objective Mode

It is unlikely that you will get this from the standard 4 level run. You need to get 2000 in total across an entire objective mode run. This includes any bonus levels. Since the first 2 levels are usually low score levels, it makes it hard to get over 2000 with these. If you get a bonus level or 2 in a single run you can easily get over 3000 points. This will come eventually as you are going for 50 levels in objective mode.

Get a score of 2,000 or more in Litterbox Mode

You might get very lucky and get a level that has 2000 items in it, but chances are very slim. The only level type that is guaranteed to give you over 2000 items is the supermarket. This level isnt unlocked from the start, so you will need to play a few levels in objective before you eventually unlock it. Once it is unlocked you can easily get this trophy there.

Complete 10 levels total in Objective Mode

Simply complete 10 levels in objective mode. You must jump into the box at the end for it to count.

Complete 50 levels total in Objective Mode

This one can be a bit of a grind and will be one of the last trophies that you unlock. You will have to complete 50 different levels in objective mode. Objective mode comes in sets of 4, excluding any bonus levels. The first 2 levels in an objective run are usually the quickest as they require less than 300 items in most cases. If you want to grind this as quick as possible i would suggest playing the first 2 levels then quitting and starting again to make this as quick as possible.

Play in Litterbox Mode for an hour

Simply play litterbox mode for an hour. It will take a while to knock over 2000 items in litterbox mode, so it shouldn't take much longer to get this.

Be a cat for 30 minutes straight

You will get this after playing the game for 30 minutes without stopping. This will unlock in litterbox mode when you are going for the 2000 items knocked.

Unlock and complete the mewseum in Objective Mode

While playing the game, keep an eye out for a special item that is a dinosaur skeleton. This will unlock the mewseum. The level is pretty easy to complete, destroying the dinosaur skeleton will give you most of the points that you need to complete the level.

Unlock and complete the supermarkat in Objective Mode

The supermarket can be unlocked from collecting the shopping trolley in objective mode. This is usually found on a computer desk and once knocked over will drop a powerup. Collect this to unlock the bonus level. You must then complete the current room, if you fail to complete it you wont get to play the supermarket. Once you complete the current level, the next level will be the supermarket. Beat this to get the trophy. It unlocked for me even though i didn't complete the shopping list.

Play with 100 cat toys

Cat toys are scattered around all levels. These include tunnel, toilet paper, ball circle, litterbox and whatever else sparkles that is a toy. Play with 100 of these and the trophy will pop.

Max out all skills

This is pretty much impossible to do without the christmas bonus level. As you play through levels you will get powerups that improve your jump, swat and speed. By the end of the 4th level you will likely be 1/3 the way to maxing them all out. The christmas/festive/holiday level is how to do this. It is a very small level that contains a bunch of wrapped presents. Each present contains a powerup to increase a skill. This level alone should give you 2/3 of the powerups that you need toward maxing out your skills.

Collecting the powerups can be a time killer, it is best to wait until after you have completed the level before going back and collecting these.

Catch a mouse

A mouse is a special event that appears now and then. When it shows up swat the mouse to get this trophy.

Catch 10 mice

I found this trophy to be a massive chore. By the time I had gotten all other trophies in the game, i only had 5 mice collected. The event seems to be fairly uncommon and there isn't really a way to increase the odds in which it will spawn. The quickest method to grind this is to start an objective level and wait for the first special event to start. If this isn't a mouse event, quit out and start again. It will take a while for this to come.

Defeat the laser pointer

The laser pointer is another special event like the mouse. You need to swat a couple of red circles that appear around the level. This is also quite rare, but it is unlikely that you will complete 50 objective levels and not come across this event.

Unlock all playable cats

This trophy can't really be unlocked directly. You unlock cats from unlocking other trophies, so this is sort of like a mini platinum. Collect the other trophies and you will complete the requirements to collect the other cats in the game.

Collect 10 photos

This will come very quickly. See "Photo Hoarder" for more information.

Collect 100 photos

100 photos should come over time. See "Photo Hoarder" for more information.

Collect 200 photos

Each level will have some photos of cats hanging on the walls and in smaller photo frames sitting on shelves and on other furniture. You will get 5 points for knocking these over so it is in your best interest to collect these as you go along. By the time you have completed 50 objective levels, you will be very close to having collected 200 of these. If you need to collect them quickly, enter the litterbox on the mewseum level. There is always a room that contains 10 or so photos that will help you get this very quickly and easily.

Topple 50 unique objects

Each time you knock an item on the floor it will be listed on the top right of the screen. If it is an item you have never knocked over before it will say NEW on top of the icon. Knock over 50 items that are unique to get this.

Topple 150 unique objects

Same strategy applies to this as for "This and That". Topple over 150 items that you have never knocked over before to get this trophy.

Finish an objective in under 1 minute 30 seconds

This is one of the hardest trophies to get as it can be mostly luck based. The best level to get this in is the christmas level. This level typically has a requirement to knock around 150 items. This makes it the best level to complete quickly as there aren't many items that you will need to knock over to complete the level.

Stay airborne for 3 seconds

Every now and then a special event will show up. One of these special events will be moon gravity. This will make your cat float which makes this super simple. I got it when i got stuck between the wall and a chair, but moon gravity is the best way to do it.

Carry an object for 1 minute

Press Square to pick up an object. Simply grab any object and keep a hold of it until the trophy unlocks.

Complete an objective without using paws

This isn't as difficult as it sounds. In objective mode the first 2 levels are always the easiest. Focus on knocking over the book and dvds. If you get super lucky you will get a level with a dvd is the special item and get you 3 points per item. Just headbut everything and make sure not to use your paws for anything. One trick i found was to pick up an item like a book in your mouth by standing over it and pressing square. This book will then knock other things over for you making it a lot easier.

Meow a lot

Press Square to meow. Do it 100 times to get this trophy.

Meow a whole bunch

Simply meow 500 times to get this trophy.

Only knock over 1 object in a level

Start up a litterbox level, knock over one single item and then jump into the box to finish the level.

Don't knock over anything in a level

Start a litterbox level and don't knock anything over, walk straight to your box to get the trophy.

Take a nap

Take a nap by leaving the game idle for 1 minute. Just put the controller down and wait for the trophy to pop.