Blackwood Crossing Trophy Guide

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Welcome to the trophy guide for Blackwood Crossing on the PlayStation 4. This is a very short and simple game to get the platinum trophy for. There are quite a few missable trophies but by following the guide you won’t miss any. If you do miss any, the game is so short that it will be pretty easy for you to go back and get any trophies you have missed. There are 2 collectable trophies that can be missed. The good news is the items are easy to find and there are less than 15 collectables to find, so this really isn't much work at all.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 2-3 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/23
  • Offline Trophies : 23/23
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Glitched Trophies: Pure Folly
Missable Trophies: Simon Says: Don't loseCatharsisRedemptionPoster ClubAlas, Poor Isaac!A moment capturedWho's the daddy?Not a happy bunnyGood kittyPull the other oneYou spin me right roundDoodle dandyPrize drawGuitar man

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

This game can be completed in around an hour once you know the route to take. So long as you take note of all of the missable trophies in the game, you should get all of the trophies in a single playthrough without needing to perform a cleanup. If you do, the game is short so it isn’t a big deal.

Like most PS4 games with easy platinum trophies, there is a YouTube video that will give you a complete walkthrough from start to finish, showing you how to get the platinum trophy in an hour or so.

Below is a list of all of the trophies you need to take note of because they are missable or glitched.

Simon Says: Don’t lose  [Missable]
ull the other one  [Missable]
Guitar man  [Missable]
Prize draw  [Missable]
Good kitty  [Missable]
You spin me right round  [Missable]
Doodle dandy  [Missable]
Catharsis [Missable]
Redemption [Missable]
Pure Folly  [Glitched]
Alas, Poor Isaac!  [Missable]
Who’s the daddy?  [Missable]
Big Cheater [Missable]
A moment captured  [Missable]

A full Trophy cabinet
Can you beat this nostalgic game?
You can get this at the very start of the game. When you first meet Finn, you will play Simon Says with him. Do not let him repeat himself once. If he repeats an order you lose, so you need to get it right first time. If you mess up, quit and restart.
Acquire your Life Powers
After making butterfiles with Finn he will make one come to life. He will ask you to try and you will get the trophy here.
Acquire your Pyrokinesis Powers
You will get this as part of the story when you are in the train after Finn. He will spit fire over you and you find it doesn’t burn you.
Acquire your Umbrakinesis Powers
When you leave Finn’s island, you will get to a cave with a planetarium inside the tree house. You would have been here earlier. Climb the ladder and draw using L2 to get the trophy.
Set Finn's emotions free

Note: This trophy is missable and should be unlocked at the same time as Redemption. The requirements for each of these trophies will cancel out the other, so you will need to quit before the autosave to get both trophies in a single run.

After you obtain the ability to manipulate fire (pyrokinesis), you will get back to the tree house. Finn will wait for you and then explode starting 4 individual fires.

To get this trophy you need to go outside and press L2 to draw the fire from the brasier and then Press R2 to add it to each of the 4 piles of fire. The trophy will unlock once you set the final pile on fire.

Redeem your mistakes

This trophy is directly linked to Catharsis so read this trophy guide before you work on this one.

The process is very similar to Catharsis. Rather than draw fire from the brasier and adding it to the piles, you remove the fire from the piles and add it back to the brazier.

Collect your mask from Finn
Will unlock once you in the train after seeing the mask Finn made for you.
Look for Finn as quickly as you can

After completing the 4 pieces quest you will be at Finn’s Island. He will ask you to play hide and seek. Select the highest number with the D-Pad so that you reach 1000 as fast as possible.

Inspect all the film posters in the game

There are a total of 9 movie posters that you need to inspect to get this trophy. You will need to do it all in a single playthrough. They are hard enough to miss. If you want to play it safe and make sure you don’t miss one check out the collectable guide below.

Uncover Isaac's past secrets
This trophy can be missed if you complete the quest to obtain 4 hidden items on Finn’s Island before you inspect the bunny, the trophy gets locked. You can only inspect the bunny during the quest.

On Finn’s Island you will have a quest to obtain 4 hidden items. Once the quest is active, go and find Isacc’s tomb. There is a stuffed rabbit right in front of it. Inspect the rabbit with circle to get the trophy.
Find Grandad's refuge
Unlocks automatically once you get to the end of the train.
Inspect this instant memory maker

After you leave Finn’s Island through a dark tunnel you will be back at the tree house. Climb down the ladder and draw the Umbra into the light to get theDark Destroyer  trophy. While facing the Umbra, turn around and you will see a poster of a rabbits face and a camera next to it. Press X to pick up the camera and the trophy will unlock.

An ego waiting to be found
Another missable quest based around the 4 hidden items on Finn’s Island. You will only be able to obtain this during the quest for the 4 hidden items, so make sure you do it then.

Once you get the quest, go to the statue of Isacc’s Father. You will need to get one of the hidden items here anyway. Interact with the statue to get the trophy.
Find this fanciful hideout

There have been reports of this trophy glitching out on people. You will need to go inside here as part of the story while on the quest to find 4 hidden items. If the trophy doesn’t unlock for you, quit the game and reload to try it again.

Find these weathered toys

There are 7 stuffed bunnies to collect. You need to find them all in a single playthrough. The video guide below will show you the location of every bunny that you need to get the trophy.

Inspect your purrrfect pet
The first time you get to the tree house you will find Finn drawing butterflies. Before you talk to him, have a look around the room for a small cat statue on a shelf. Inspect the statue to obtain the trophy.
Inspect this emergency feature
While on the train you will see an emergency brake device that you can inspect. The trophy will pop once you inspect it. You can find it next to the elderly female teacher and the guy with a bag on his head.
Inspect this moment in space
When you first get to the tree house, Finn will be drawing butterflies. Do not talk to him yet. Climb up the ladder to access the planetarium and you will see a lighting device on the floor. You will get the trophy when you interact with this device.
Find this moment of teenage fancy

After unlocking Life Giver you will be back in the train. Look at all of the tables in the train compartments. You will find one that contains Scarletts sketchbook. The trophy will unlock once you pick it up.

Inspect this shared success
When you get to the tree house and Finn is drawing butterflies, look around the room to find an art price on a barrel. Inspect this before talking to him to get the trophy.
Complete your first adventure
This will unlock once you finish playing Simon Says with Finn.
Inspect this once loved instrument
Near the end of the train you will need to find the password to get into Finns tree house. There is a guitar on the left side of the train. You will get the trophy when you inspect it.