Beholder 2 Trophy List

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Get every trophy
Be killed by a colleague
Write reports to all competitors
Find all father's boxes
Wanted to die when living
Salute the Leader statue 50 times
Watch all TV series recommended by colleagues
Spit in Morris
Help Morris
Help Dong to make romance with Hazer
...with blackjack and hookers!
All sugar is in limited supply
Arrange an explosion in the Ministry
Make Emma Hazer overdose
Seduce Emma Hazer
Drive Dong mad
Set up Marco Legrand
Find office 101
Win the Supergame
Help Mulphy accept the truth
For everything else, there's mafia
Replace twins
Participate in De Salvo's activities
Save many
Lose the Supergame
Organize the escape of Maria Curee
Vaccinate all Carl clones
Solve environmental problems
Read the testaments of Isaac Weinberg
Express distrust to Isaac's testaments
Get promoted to Floor 12
Get promoted to Floor 25
Get promoted to Floor 37
Processed 100 forms at Floor 1
Processed 100 forms at Floor 12
Processed 100 objects at Floor 25
Destroy the repeaters
Sacrifice yourself
And let no one leave offended!
Use Heimdall for your own purposes
Enforce free will for people
Transfer the Heimdall control to Ferguson
Transfer the Heimdall control to De Salvo
Transfer the Heimdall control to Weinberg
Transfer the Heimdall control to the cunning asshole
Kill the Wise Leader
Don't kill the Wise Leader
Don't hang up in the name of love!
Die of the Leader's Mustache in the explosion
Give money to the swindler
Bring Carl to tears. Too much Carl in this game!