Arc of Alchemist Trophy List

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Gained all Trophies.
Defeated the automaton lurking in the dungeon.
Defeated the automaton at the windy cliff.
Got rid of the automaton guarding the way to the center of Genesis Desert.
Gained all Orbs.
Defeated the automaton guarding a very important facility.
Defeated the high-level automaton wandering Genesis Desert.
Defeated the automaton generated by the ruin's defense system.
Reached the end of the game.
Reached the true end of the game.
Raised Quinn's level to 100.
Raised everyone's level to 100.
Max invested into one type of facility.
Built a higher ranked facility.
Raised a facility's rank to max.
Raised the rank of all facilities at your base to max.
Activated an adjacent facility bonus.
Activated plenty of adjacent facility bonuses.
Made a camp site.
Strengthened a camp site to max level.
Gained 5 powerful weapons.
Collected from collection points 10 times.
Gained plenty of mechanical parts in a single expedition.
Used an HP healing item 20 times.
Recover a great amount of HP using items in a single expedition.
Used a special move 10 times.
Used a special move in tandem with an ally.
Opened a treasure chest 5 times.
Conducted an Orb combination move.