Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Trophy Guide

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This is Absulute Drift: Zen edition trophy guide goes over all of the trophies in the game and how to unlock them. The game is a top down drifter where you must complete various events using a chosen car by performing drifting tricks and stunts.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 10 - 15 Hours
  • Difficulty : 5
  • Online Trophies : 0/21
  • Offline Trophies : 21/21
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

I would highly recommend you spend time in the tutorial section to make sure you know all of the game mechanics and have a good understanding of the challenges. Start by going into the free roam mode. Despite what the name might suggest, this is actually the games main “campaign mode”. There are no missable trophies so there is no need to be stressing over anything at the start. Work your way through all the worlds in the free roam mode and “beat” the game. You can still play on after completing the game and once you do complete it you unlock the hoonvan. I found this to be the fastest vehicle in the game, it will make your life a lot easier. As you are going through each event, try to complete all the challenges you can to save time later, but do not worry too much if some of them are proving to be too difficult at the time.

Once you have the story out of the way and the hoonvan unlocked, select it from the garage. At this stage you will have completed a large number of the challenges for the events that you have played. Go back to each of the events and clear off all of the challenges for these events. Some of them can be quite difficult, but once you have the fastest car and your skill has increased, you shouldn’t find it too hard to get through them all.

Once all the challenges are completed, you will most likely have the platinum trophy. If you do not have the platinum, then it won’t be too difficult to get whatever is left.

Collected all other Absolute Drift: Zen Edition trophies

This will unlock after you have collected all other trophies in the game.

Buzz the control tower in World 1

In the first world you will find a ramp that goes over the control tower, hit the jump and the trophy will pop.

Fall into the water 5 times

Later on in the game, you will encounter a high rise city area with a lot of edges without any rails to block you from falling, just drive off the edge 5 times and land in the water to get this trophy.

Paint your car 20 times in Free-Roam

You can paint your car by driving through the paint area in the region you are in. Once you find one you can just drive in a loop to go through it 20 times to get the trophy.

Smash 100 blocks in Driftkhana & Mountain Drift Tracks

The red cubes are scattered around some levels with a base value of 100 per block. In going for the high scores in the Driftkhana levels you will knock over a lot of these blocks. There is a good chance this will come naturally if you like to play around with different stunts.

Complete 5 spin-zones in Driftkhana

Spin zones are the red squares on the ground. Once you have unlocked some of the faster cars these become incredibly easy to complete. You shouldn't have much trouble getting 5 of them.

Complete 5 donuts in Driftkhana

Donuts are pretty easy to complete no matter the car. They are also the best way to rack up massive scores when combined with drifting. 5 of these will definitely come naturally as you work toward the other trophies in the game.

Execute a perfect drift line

When driving around some tracks you will see a line of red dots. You will need to drift this line to collect all of the dots. Once you collect every one of the dots you get the trophy. Sometimes one of the dots will go gray for no real reason. If this happens the game has determined that you weren't properly drifting and you wont get the trophy for this. Its pretty simple to get this and you are bound to get it eventually.

Reach a 15x multiplier

15 is a little tricky to get at the start. Once you get better cars you will find you are able to get a higher multiplier much easier. The best place to get this is in one of the Driftkhana maps. Find a donut spot and just keep drifting around this. If your car has enough power you should be easily able to keep the drift going if you loose it. In the background you will also be getting massive bonuses for the donut. This strategy will also let you get 2 million points very easily.

Spend 2 minutes airborne in Free-Roam

Wait until the end of the free roam story to grind this as you will need to do a few airborne stunts during the main path of free roam. You might end up getting this naturally to save having to grind it. All you need to do is hit a ramp and spent some time in the air.

Complete 25 donuts in Driftkhana

When going for the 15 multiplier you should be doing a lot of donuts. This is pretty simple to get and should come as you are working toward the other trophies in the game.It must be done on a map in the Driftkhana category.

Complete 25 spin-zones in Driftkhana

I wasnt a big fan of the spin zones and had to grind this one. Look for the red squares on the ground and spin around on these to complete the zone. It must be done on a map in the Driftkhana category.

Execute 10 perfect drift lines

Drift lines are the lines of red dots on some of the maps. You must perform a drift through these dots in order to get the perfect line. You cant just drive through it normally.

Unlock a Midnight Event

Midnight events are unlocked after you complete a set number of challenges in the other events in the area. When you find one in free roam it will tell you how many challenges you must complete before it is unlocked. You will most definitely get this without even trying.

Complete all 5 event challenges on any midnight event

This one is a little tricky if you are just starting the game. Almost all of the midnight events contain 1 challenge that is a little more difficult than the rest. You will need to do this as part of "The Completionist" anyway so see this trophy for more information on the events.

Complete all event challenges (including tutorial events)

Each event contains 5 challenges that you must complete. Some of these can be really tricky. The best way to go about this is complete the free roam story mode first. This will allow you to unlock the Hoonvan which i found to be the best car in the game. Its fast and drifts really easily. Most events have some simple challenges such as drift N times and perform 3 donuts.

Once you have completed the main free roam mode you should have cleared a large amount of the challenges and just be stuck with the hard ones. When you are working toward the difficult ones, dont bother trying to complete more than 1 in a single run. Focus on a single challenge for the duration of the run and you will find that it becomes much easier to complete this challenge when its the only thing you need to complete.

Score over 2,000,000 points in any event

Seems like a crazy number at first, but it isn't nearly as hard as it first seems. Once you get a faster car and unlock the Driftkhana levels, getting 2 million is pretty easy. Getting 5 million isn't even that much of a challenge. Unlocking this trophy will also get you "Multiplier Master" as you will need to get a high multiplier in order to get the trophy.

Pick a level from Driftkhana that you are most comfortable with. Find the best donut spot and just keep drifting around this spot. You will get a lot of points just from the drifting and then get a nice bonus from the donut ever few seconds. As the multiplier goes up with will be getting 10k+ for each donut you complete while still getting a huge amount of points from the drifting. If there are boxes nearby, wait until you are at least x10 on the multiplier in order to get 1000 points for each box. The near miss poles are a risky one to go for as you can easily hit one too hard and break the multiplier. Focus on the drifting to make it much easier to get this.

You can definitely get this with the starter cars, but if you are having a hard time, wait until you have the hoonvan and this should be even more easy to get.

Score over 1,000,000 points in any event

This isn't too bad, see "Insane Skills" for more information on getting high scores.

Score over 500,000 points in any event

This will come naturally at some stage. See "Insane Skills" for more on getting the high scores.

Complete the game

The free roam isn't actually free roam, its the games main story mode. It isn't too hard to complete this, so just work through all the events and this comes once you complete everything.

Do a 10-second continuous drift

This one is pretty difficult at the start of the game as your car sucks and there aren't many locations where you can perform a drift that is this long. When you are working toward the 2 million point trophy, you will end up getting this as you are doing the large circular drifts around the donut points