A Summer with the Shiba Inu Trophy List

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You achieved your first Reality.
You sent your first Bobork Talk message.
Let go of the present.
You returned to Shiba Island.
You met a strange dog. Is she friend or foe?
You reunited with Max.
Found your first clue about Chun-wen's disappearance.
We could lose our minds together...
You recalled what happened in ARIna 9.
You survived ARIna 9.
You made your peace with a challenger.
You recalled what happened in ARIna 5.
You recalled what happened in ARIna 12.
You quit your office job in Toron-tail.
You survived ARIna 5.
You survived ARIna 12.
You made your choices.
You did not survive the ARIna this time around.
Not so much for Max, however. Model is being fine-tuned...
Quilly 2008-2013 May you sleep well in the green green grass and tall tall palms.
You revolutionized the world. Or did you?
You stayed true to yourself and explored worlds beyond.
Got out of a sticky situation in the water.
You agreed to a collaborative filtering process of other ARIna contestants.
The choices that you most frequently made let your relationship with Max stay true.
You learned the truth about Quei-li.
You gradient descented into the Feather's Reality.
Syd was waiting for it for 6 years. But Paw-tal 3 when?
You and Quei-li spend the rest of your lives together.
You and Quei-li spend the rest of your existence together.