Breath of the Wild Sheikah Tower Guide

Sheikah Towers

The Sheikah towers in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are an interesting way to explore new areas of the world map on your slate. The first one you discover will give you enough to understand how they work. From here they will range in difficulty to provide you with some difficult challenges in regard to climbing to the top.

Some of the towers are going to be blocked by obstacles that you do not have the equipment to get past yet. If you are stuck on a specific tower, you should check out the guide for that Sheikah tower as it will let you know what you need to have obtained prior to attempting the climb.

The first tower is not a good representation of the rest of them. There are some useful tips to know while doing this though as climbing to the top of them all can be a challenge. They all share a similar strategy though. Reading these points will help you a lot when it comes to getting to the top of them all and revealing the full game map.

Increase Your Energy Meter To Climb Faster

The energy meter is a new feature that comes as part of Breath of the Wild. Jumping while you are climbing is an expensive action on your stamina meter. You could easily get to the top with your stamina bar but as soon as you start jumping, you will find you quickly run short and may be unable to make it to the next platform. If this happens to you, you are going to end up falling back down to the dangers below.

Upgrading your stamina meter may feel like a waste when you want to focus on the other options but it does pay for itself in times like this. You can afford to throw several jumps and more importantly sideways dodges into your climbing attempts. IF a guardian gets its sights on you, you will need to burn some stamina to get around to the other side to avoid the devastating attack which will easily blow you off the side of the tower and result in you getting killed.

Gliding to the Top of a Sheikah Tower

Gliding to the top of a Sheikah Tower
If you can reach high ground, it is easy to glide to the top of a tower, or at least a good height up.

Using high ground to glide down to a higher section of the towers is also a very useful method to skip the hard parts. Using fire arrows to generate an updraft will allow you to travel long distances with a minimal amount of effort. Most of the towers will have some higher land nearby that you could glide to if you were good enough, but in most cases, the towers are built to be in areas of high land in order to give you the best view of the region. This does make them slightly harder to fly over to.

Using Revalis Gale to climb Sheikah Towers

Some might consider this cheating, and it kind of is. At the end of the day, the game gives you these tools, there is nothing stopping you from using them in whatever way you wish. For those who do not know what this is, Revalis Gale is a power that you get from the bird god Revali. This power will thrust you high up into the air allowing you to bypass obstacles and glide to safety.

When it comes to the Sheikah towers, using this is a highly valuable asset when it comes to getting to the top. You can bypass all of the pointy obstacles and in some cases, get out of reach and view of the more challenging enemies that are lurking below trying to kill you.

Use the Climbing Armor Set

Most people will have found the climbing bandana early on in the game. Using this along with the other parts of the climbing armor set will also be a lot of help as it will allow you to climb faster. This is important for some of the more enemy heavy Sheikah towers as you need to get out of their reach as quickly as possible. If an enemy is about to attack, you can move quickly to dodge. You are highly vulnerable while climbing. Everything you can do to make this easier is well worth it.

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