How can I fix slow download speeds on my Nintendo Switch despite having fast internet?


I have a Nintendo Switch and have noticed that my download speeds are ridiculously slow. For example, I am trying to download a game that is around 8GB and I am getting an estimated download time of 9 hours 50 minutes.

If I do a connection test on my laptop, the download speed shows as 600mb. I have tried downloading games to both internal memory and a micro SD card, but there is no difference. I’ve tried setting MSU to 1500, but it has not helped. I am looking for a solution to fix this issue.

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Dan -

The Switch can be pretty tricky to get good download speeds with. I am not sure if the system just has really bad networking equipment, Nintendo have awful download servers or there is a limit on how fast you can write data to the memory.

For the third option, you can make sure you have a faster SD card. They are not all made equal and some do have slower write speeds. A slow write speed will be bottleneck and limit how quickly something can download.

There isn’t much we can do about the other two things. Nintendo may get their networking side of things in a more modern state so we can get faster downloads but who knows. If a Switch 2 is released, we may get a better idea of where the real bottleneck is when it comes to download speeds.

Marvin Mason -

I had a similar issue with my Switch’s download speeds, but I was able to find a solution. I turned off the IPV6 option on my router, restarted the Switch, and changed to Google DNS. After doing this, my download speeds increased significantly, and I was able to download games much faster than before. Give it a try, and hopefully, it works for you too.

bandersnatch -

I had a slow download speed problem with my Switch for a while, and I tried different solutions, but nothing seemed to work. However, I eventually found a workaround that has been effective for me. Whenever I start downloading a game and notice that the speed starts to slow down, I pause and then unpause the download. Alternatively, I start downloading another game, and then switch back to the one I want to download, and that usually works fine. This method has saved me a lot of time and frustration, and I hope it works for you too.

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