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Nintendo Switch


How do you get the Kikwi down from the tree?

How do I get the Kikwi down out of the tree when he is too scared to climb down
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The Touryst Review

Score: 7.5/10
Although there are many games out there that have adopted the blocky, untextured style of visuals that we have seen in games like Jazzpunk and Roblox, the art style is still one that catches the eye, especially when it is...

Eyeball sentry at Skyview temple help

How do you get past the eye sentry that blocks the door in the skyview temple

Can't aim camera after turning motion controls off

When I turn off motion controls in skyward sword, I lose the ability to aim the camera using the right analog stick
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Wooden Hylian Shield From Zelda

Following my first attempt at creating any sort of gaming merch out of wood, I decided I would use the last of the wood I bought for the Windwaker shield, to make the Hylian shield. I kind of knew that...
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RPG Name Generator

Role-playing games are an incredibly popular form of game in both the video game world and in tabletop gaming. The RPG format was made popular by tabletop games like dungeons and dragons and as computing technology advanced have become a...
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How to get a stamped pass/letter for Valsembor

When you exist the large yokel tent and attempt to enter the town of Valsembor, the security guard at the gate will stop you and say you need a stamped town pass in order to enter. Here is what you...
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Syberia 3


How do you unlock the lift at the asylum with the key?

How are you meant to solve the puzzle with the squid key to unlock the elevator door at the asylum?

What are the correct lie detector answers?

What are the correct answers to the questions the doctor asks you while you are doing the lie detector test at the asylum?