Where To find Weeds

Weeds are not something you would ever really pay attention to, even in resource-driven games like this. It isn’t until you get to the point where you need to start crafting bows for archers that you will hit this issue. Where are you supposed to get weeds from?

Weeds grow around the map, just like any other plant. There is a good chance that they have not spawned anywhere near your base. This means you are going to have to go off and search for them. The first thing you will need to know is what they look like. This guide will show you where to find weeds, what weeds look like and how to set up a farm.

What Do Weeds Look Like?

Weeds look like small plants or vegetables. They are green and normally spawn in smaller batches. When weeds are not fully grown, it is very difficult to identify them. Once they are fully grown, they will look like the image below.

I found weeds right next to a source of water

Where To Find Weeds

Weeds should spawn near water but they can be found in many places. You will need to pan around the map and look for them based on the image above. As you can see from this image, the weeds spawned right next to a water pond that I found in a pirate outpost.

Once you find them, you can easily reproduce them using normal farming methods to quickly build up a large supply of weeds for crafting string.

How To Farm Weeds

Farming weeds is very simple because weeds grow back so quickly. Once you plant weeds into the ground, they will fully grow in a matter of seconds. This helps build up a very large supply of them very fast. The slowest part is digging them out.

farming weeds
Farming weeds is super easy since they grow back very fast and produce two usable items when harvested

Once you have found some weeds, take them back to your settlement or wherever it is that you want to set up the farm. Using a shovel, clear the turf and dig a hole. You will then be able to place the weed into this hole and it should start growing very fast.

Once the weed has fully grown, you can harvest it with a shovel and it should produce two weeds that you can use for crafting or to plant back into the ground again to grow more.

You can easily set up some bots to do all of this for you. It will be no different to setting up an automated tree farm.

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