How To Start a Truce With The Pirates

So you have pissed off some pirates and now you need them to leave you alone for a while so you can rebuild and grow? It has happened to us all and while the game initially explains how to call a truce, the action to do it again is not always easy to find or clear.

Every time you call a truce, the pirates will stop attacking you until you attack them first. It’s very honorable of them! There is a catch to this though. When you attack them, you will have to sit through a cooling-off period where the pirates will not trust you enough to accept another truce. It’s only fair really. You keep breaking the truce and they take longer and longer to trust you again.

You should avoid breaking truces as often as you can. Only call for one when you absolutely must and only break it when there’s nothing else to do but scavenge some 8 bit.

How to Trigger a Truce With the Pirates

On the top menu, you will find there is a button that sort of looks like the pringles man. Small eyes with a mustache.

how to start a truce
The truce button will allow you to get the pirates to stop attacking. You will also be able to see when there is an active truce

If you click this button, it will trigger a truce and the pirates will stop attacking you. If you have attacked them recently, however, you will be unable to click it and there will be a timer showing how long is left until you are able to call a truce again. This should make you think twice before attacking small pirate camps.

The Truce Button Is Disabled

So when you call a truce, pirates agree to not attack you anymore. if you break this by attacking them first, the truce is over and you are at war again.

Because you have just betrayed the truce, the pirates no longer trust you. You are not able to trigger another one until some time has passed and you have regained the trust.

You can hover over the truce button to see how long is left until you can trigger another. This is why you should always be tactical when launching an offensive on the pirates.

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