How To Make Soldiers Attack Buildings

If you have followed the game’s tutorial by using a combat dummy to teach your soldier bots how to attack, you will find that these soldiers do nothing against buildings. They are designed to attack pirate bots and will completely ignore buildings. This is a problem when you are at an outpost where pirates are being created inside a barracks that your soldiers are not attacking.

It is possible to update your script to make grunts attack buildings but it is not an effective strategy. If you look at the stats of a grunt, you will see they are quite useless in attacking buildings. To make this worse, if you make them attack anything, they could be wasting time attacking walls while pirates are chopping away at them.

The video below will show an example of where I was attacking buildings at a pirate base.

How To Destroy Pirate Buildings & Structures

To destroy buildings effectively in Autonauts vs Piratebots, you must create sappers. These are different to grunts in that they are pretty weak against soldiers but do a significant amount of damage to structures such as barracks, crows nests and defensive walls.

how to destroy buildings
The script here will allow you tomake bots destroy pirate buildings.

The script above is fairly similar to the standard soldier script but the repeat loop has them targeting structures instead of pirate bots. Much like the reason behind not letting grunts attack buildings, it is pointless letting Sappers attack pirates because they do not do a lot of damage and it is best to have them attacking structures instead of pirates. This is why you should bring a group of both grunts and sappers when you are attacking an outpost so you are covering all areas.

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