What Does The Bunker Do?

What Does The Bunker Do

As you are clearing all of the rocks and trees that are getting in the way of your farm expansion, you will stumble upon a structure at the bottom left corner of your farm. From the outside, it looks like some kind of nuclear bunker, but the door is locked and you can’t get inside. This was definitely an exciting mystery for when you first get started with this game. Whatever could be inside and how do you unlock the bunker?

What’s Inside The Bunker?

The contents of the bunker are rather disappointing, especially considering you will more than likely have the bulk of the game completed by the time you unlock it. Inside the bunker, you will find that there is a plot of soil that you can use for farming. This soil will allow you to plant and grow any type of crop, no matter the season that the seed was designed for.

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