How To Use The Barn

how to use the barn

The game’s tutorial doesn’t really cover the barn very well and after saving up a lot of money to be able to construct it, I was rather annoyed when I had no idea how to actually use it to raise animals. My pain will be your gain as I will explain here how to use the barn to make some easy money in Monster Harvest.

At the time of writing this guide, the barn is currently subject to multiple bugs. It seems a patch fixed the bug where animals could not be fed but there is another bug where the animals will always be babies. They can still be sold even though they never grow up.

Creating Livestock Planimals For The Barn

The first thing you need after building the barn is some blue slime. If you have to purchase the slime from the store, you won’t find much value in livestock as the blue slime is too expensive. Blue slime is also quite rare so you will have to keep an eye out for blue crystals in the dungeon to get this stuff.

When you have some blue slime, apply it to a crop on your farm and when it is ready to harvest, the planimal will automatically be sent to the barn, assuming you have one built.

How To Feed Animals In The Barn

This part seems to have some bugs around it, depending on the platform you are playing on. To feed animals in the barn, you will need to go up to the hay basket at the top of the barn and select it. When you have the hay in your hands, you will need to add it to all of the feed boxes in each of the animal pens.

Sometimes you will not be able to pick up the hay. This is a bug and I do not currently know how it stopped being broken for me but eventually, I was able to use it. If anyone knows the fix, please post a comment below and I can update this guide.

feeding animals in the barn
Take the hay from the box at the top of the room and put it into the pens line the image above. The animals will eat this and it will allow them to grow up

Selling Animals In The Barn

In order to sell the animals in the barn, you will need to wait until they grow up to be adults. This is another element of the barn that is bugged in Monster Harvest. I am sure it will be patched eventually though. The current bug will make animals appear as babies forever, even when they are adults and ready to sell.

To sell animals, you need to approach the green signpost at the top left corner of the barn. This will list all of the animals that are available to sell. Select them and you will be able to earn some super-easy money.

selling animals for money
Livestock are worth quite a bit of money when they grow up.

Selling Animals In The Planimal Pen

If you find yourself with an abundance of a particular planimal or just want to get rid of the ones you have to make room for better ones, you can easily sell these.

If you interact with the planimal pen, you will see there is a dollar sign next to the planimals in the pen. Click this and you will sell them. You won’t get as much money from these as you do with livestock in the barn but it is another way to sell the planimals to make some money.

planimal pen
From the planimal pen menu at the bottom, click the dollar sign to sell the planimal
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