What Happens When You Chop Down All The Trees?


What happens when you chop down all of the trees in the game? I have already chopped down everything in my farm and I feel kinda bad about it. Even though it was messy, the trees were so colorful and nice. There doesnt seem to be any way to get seeds or saplings to plant new trees. How do you get wood once they are all gone? Will i have to look for logs in the dungeon?

What Happens When You Chop Down All The Trees
Monster Harvest

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1 Answer

savageeye -

The trees on your farm behave differently to other trees in the game. If you go to the area just north of your farm and start chopping the trees down, you will notice that saplings automatically grow back within a few days in the exact location where you chopped down the old trees. They will fully grow back in a few days and you can chop them down again. So when you chop them all down, they simply grow back.

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