Calming Cove or Glowing Glade?

calming cove or glowing glade

During your exploration of Planimal Point, you are sure to find the two piles of rubble on either side of the town. It costs a fairly hefty $1500 to clear the rubble to calming cove or glowing glade which will mean most people will have to pick one to open first. Which is the best one to go with first?

You may remember speaking with a townsperson and he will mention he has a furniture store that is cut off from the rubble. If you do not have much money, there may not be much desire to go and unlock this right away, so which is which and what side of the rubble should you clear first?

Which Area Is Best To Clear First?

Personally, I felt that Calming Cove was the best place to unlock first. This side will give you access to the fishing rod. Fishing in Monster Harvest is a super-easy way to get some easy money, despite it being rather expensive on your stamina bar.

Glowing Glade contains a lot of trees and nature and will also give you access to the furniture store. If you are just getting started in this game, spending $1500 to unlock the ability to spend more money on furniture might not be the best way to prioritise your funds. This is why I would suggest you go with Calming Cove first.

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