How To Select One Item From A Stack?


If i have multiple items in a stack of a certain item, how do I select just one of these items and separate it from the stack of the rest. I like to keep all of my slime in a chest for example. If i just want to use one of those, how do i just select one instead of selecting the entire stack of them and using one before putting the stack back in the chest?

How To Select One Item From A Stack
Monster Harvest

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1 Answer

Ray Cunningham -

The button will obviously depend on the platform but if you press Square on PlayStation it will select one item from the stack that you can transfer to your backpack.


  1. Tried that, it does not work. It moves my whole stack. Like if i want to sell only a certain amount of something out of a stack it won’t let me, it puts the whole stack in to sell.

  2. It looks like there is a bug with the PS5 version (0.91-PC (2022-01-04b)) of the game and the square button doesn’t work. You will need to play the PS4 version (1.05 (2021-10-25b)) for full functionality.

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