Complete Guide To Fishing

monster harvest fishing

Fishing is a mini game available in Monster Harvest that allows you to catch fish as a useful source of income. Once you have a fishing rod, you can simply approach body of water and cast your line in to begin the mini game.

Like most physical activities in this game, they consume a ridiculous amount of stamina. Fishing in particular can drain your stamina in a matter of seconds and have you fit for bed. This also makes it a useful way to burn through any remaining stamina before you hit the hay after tending to your farm for the day.

How To Get A Fishing Rod

In order to get a fishing rod, you will need to unlock access to calming cove. Calming cove can be found on the west (left) side of planimal point. It is blocked by some rubble and you must pay $1500 to clear it.

The cost of clearing the rubble is going to be expensive for many people when getting started in this game. It is worth purchasing first if you are thinking of clearing the rubble on one side.

Once you are in the area of Calming cove, follow the path and you will find a fishing hut. Talk to the guy inside and he will give you a free fishing rod!

How To Catch Fish

You can catch fish in any body of water. In order to catch all variations of fish, you will need to visit as many different areas as possible in order to catch them all. The fishing game is very simple but it can be a little weird to get a handle of at first.

When you cast your line into water, you will see a little dot travel from left to right along a bar. Inside this bar, you will see one part that has a solid color. You must wait until the dot is inside this area to press the action button and this will hook a fish, or some other item. You can end up catching rocks sometimes.

Once you have hooked something with the fishing rod, you must quickly mash the same action button. You will see the meter start to fill up as you do this. If you go slow, the meter will completely empty and you will lose the catch. If you mash it fast enough, it will fill and when it does, the item you have hooked into the line will be pulled out of the water.

Dealing With Stamina Consumption

Due to the stamina consumption of fishing, it may not be something you can spend much time doing. Thankfully, there are some ways to make this less of a problem.

As with most tools in this game, it is possible to purchase upgrades to use less stamina. You can purchase an advanced fishing rod from the same guy in the fishing hut that gave you the fishing rod. If you are hoping to catch all the fish, these upgrades will make your life a lot easier.

Once you catch and sell, all of the fish types, you will unlock an additional fishing rod upgrade that will make them consume even less stamina when you use them. At this point, you will likely have little use for fishing anymore.

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