Stuck In Jubilife Village!! Make for Temple of Sinnoh

You have been busting your chops throughout the entire adventure and the time has finally come to make your way to the Temple of Sinnoh for the grand finale and deal with the rift that has been terrorizing the region since the beginning of the game but something isn’t right. You speak with Cogita and she tells you to go, but you can’t, she keeps repeating the same lines over and over, is this a bug?

The good news is this is not a bug. This is a rather confusing part of the game as the instructions are not clear at all. Here is what you need to do to be able to leave Jubilife Village and get past Cogita repeating herself so you can head to the Temple of Sinnoh.

How To Stop Cogita Repeating Herself

Depending on who you sided with earlier on, the message that Cogita gives may differ slightly depending on the Pokemon that you caught at the temple previously.

cogita repeating message
Now, take Dialga at your side and make for the temple of Sinnoh once more!

If you sided with the other clan, her message will suggest you take Palkia at your side and make for the temple of Sinnoh. The solution to this problem is the same whether it is Dialga or Palka that she is asking you to work with.

Add Dialga or Palkia to Your Party

You will need to add the Pokemon she is talking about to your party. This is what she means when she says “At your side”. She wants you to have the Pokemon in your party so that you can battle with it. Very unclear, however. If you are like me, you may not know how to actually do this at Jibilife village. Here is how to do it.

Add Dialga or Palkia to Your Party
Head over to the pasture and speak with the woman. She will allow you to add Dialga or Palka, that you have previously caught to your party.

Return to Cogita And Go To The Temple of Sinnoh

Once the Pokemon is in your party, return to the exit and speak with Cogita. You will have to go through some additional dialogue and the mission will then pass and you will be able to engage further with Irida and Adamant before making your way to the Temple of Sinnoh.

temple of sinnoh ending
The conversation should end once you have the relevant Pokemon in your party and you will be able to proceed to the final battle.


  1. So what if the palkia isn’t in jubilee fields and your stuck. Somehow. Ive gotten to that point and he was not added to any pastures after i caught him.

  2. Check and make sure you don’t have dialga?? You should have one of them. I haven’t see an issue where neither of them show up unless you accidentally set one free or something

  3. I’m in the same boat, I never set it free and I can’t add dialga or palkia because they’re not in the fields. I’m stuck in the village now.

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