How To Get All 3 Starter Pokemon In Arceus

starter pokemon in arceus

Throughout the history of Pokemon video games, you generally find yourself at the start of every game having to pick between three different starter pokemon. These Pokemon are generally distinct types such as fire, water and grass types. This gives you the opportunity to have a solid type for a strong Pokemon that has three obtainable evolutions.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is no exception to this. When you first begin, you will be allowed to choose between three different Pokemon. These choices are Cyndaquill, Oshawott or Rowlet but what happens if you want to get all three.

Spoiler Warning! – The short answer to this, is that you have to wait until you beat the game. If you want to avoid spoilers, wait until you have completed the main story before coming back here.

Collecting The Other Two Starter Pokemon

When you complete the main story in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will be tasked with completing the Pokedex. This is a fun end game task that will allow you to enjoy the game for a little bit longer. One of the problems you might see here is that you can’t find the starter Pokemon out in the wild, so how do you get the Pokedex entries for them?

The answer is very simple, head back to the professor! When you visit the professor, he will simply give you the other Pokemon that have been hanging out in his lab all along. Just like the other Pokemon that you already have, none of the research tasks requires you to capture more so you should be able to complete the entry without any trouble.

get all starter pokemon

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