Should I kill Petrov after taking the artifact?


I have been save scumming for this mission as I was hoping I’d be able to get the artifact piece without having to kill anyone. I convinced Petrov to show me his collection and there doesn’t seem to be any peaceful way In which I can obtain the artifact from the scow without having to engage in some violence. 

I took the artifact and it did cause everyone to turn hostile. I took down Petrov and he is on the floor now surrendering. I have the option to kill him or talk to him.

Part of me wants the fun of killing everyone on the ship but I just want to be sure there aren’t going to be some negative consiquences that hit me further down the road. Anyone know what I should do?

Should I kill Petrov after taking the artifact

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SteveSickle89 -

In the grand scheme, there isn’t a huge benefit when it comes to maintaining peace. You wont find in 20 hours that Petrov offers you something cool that he wouldn’t have if you killed him. Like many of the options in this game, they are more reputation based. You will have a 500 credit bounty placed in you no matter what you do. Being violent and killing will get you better loot but also upset some companions. It is possible to sneak into the ship and take the shard without anyone noticing but it’s tough and you don’t really gain anything for it.

Deciding to kill Petrov

If you decide to kill him when he is down, you will have to take on his entire ship of soldiers. This can be fun and will also net you lots of good loot and equipment. Some companions such as Sarah will be very upset, so consider that if you like her. 

Other than the companions, you will end up with lots of good loot and can help yourself to everything in the vault. 

Letting Petrov Live

If you decide to let him live, it will avoid any more bloodshed and avoid upsetting any companions but you will also miss out on the loot. 

Personally, starting a war is a lot more fun but if you wanna be the good guy, letting Petrov Live is the right thing to do during the no sudden moves mission. 

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