Defend the Lodge or Go to the eye?


The starborn are attacking the eye and are on the way to the lodge. I have an option as part of the quest to decide whether I should go to the eye and try and save the people there or whether I should stay and defend the lodge.

I am inclined to stay at the lodge as this is where the artefacts are and I do not want to risk losing these but I just wanna make sure there isnt something that I am overlooking that would make we want to go to the eye. Should I defend the lodge or go to save the people at the eye?

Defend the Lodge or Go to the eye

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locknloaded -

This is one of those quests where there are actually going to be outcomes that matter. You do not really gain anything for either option, the decision pretty much determines what you will lose instead.

You will notice that there are two companions with you at the lodge and if you have been listening to the radio conversation, you will hear which companions are at the eye. Depending on your decision, the companion you have the strongest relationship with at the other location will die and be gone forever.

Defending The Lodge

If you choose to stay at the lodge, the two companions here will survive but the companion at the eye that you have the highest relationship with will die. For me, this was Sarah.

You will need to wait around for a minute or two before a starborn hunter shows up at the lodge and will try to kill you. You will need to defeat them before running to the basement and try to make it back to your ship. This is quite easy and once you are back to the ship, you can head to the eye to learn the fate of your companions.

Go To The Eye

If you go to the eye, you will need to go quickly. The starborn hunter is coming and you will need to leave the lodge and New Atlantis before he arrives, otherwise, it will be too late to save anyone at the eye. So leave the lodge quickly and head back to your ship. When you get to the eye, you will be able to save the people here.

As you might expect, the people back at the lodge will be attacked and without you there to defend them, the companion left behind with the strongest relationship with you will be killed.

So when it comes to deciding which is the best option, it pretty much comes down to which companion you care about the most. There is no loot to consider that will alter your approach.

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