Sell Billy Or Set Him Free Kid In a Fridge?

Sell Billy Or Set Him Free

In Fallout 4, “Kid in a Fridge” is a side quest that begins when the player hears a voice calling for help while exploring the area south of University Point. The voice belongs to Billy, a ghoul child who has been trapped inside a refrigerator for over 200 years since the Great War. The player is tasked with freeing Billy from the fridge and deciding his fate.

The pivotal decision point in the quest comes when the player encounters Bullet, a Gunner who wants to buy Billy as a slave. The challenging choice for the player is deciding whether to sell Billy to Bullet or help him reunite with his family:

  1. Sell Billy to Bullet: The player can choose to sell Billy to Bullet for 200 caps. This decision is morally questionable, as it involves selling a child into slavery. However, the player can attempt to pass a difficult Charisma check to increase the selling price up to 500 caps. This choice does not have any significant impact on future quests or resources, but it will prevent Billy from reuniting with his family, and the player will miss out on the opportunity to eliminate the Gunners at Billy’s home.
  2. Help Billy reunite with his family: The player can choose to refuse Bullet’s offer and help Billy find his family in Quincy. Upon arriving at Billy’s home, the player will discover that his parents are also ghouls who survived the Great War. The family will be grateful for the player’s help. However, Bullet and his Gunner squad will attack, and the player must defeat them to complete the quest. The reward for this choice is the satisfaction of reuniting Billy with his family and the loot obtained from the defeated Gunners. This decision does not have any major impact on future quests or resources.

Both choices in “Kid in a Fridge” quest have their own rewards, but neither significantly affects the player’s experiences later in the game. The quest primarily serves as an opportunity for players to explore their moral compass and make a decision that aligns with their preferred playstyle.

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