Chapter 12 - Back to The Institute

Guide By Optimusmart


The Prydwen

Make sure you have read the and done what is instructed in the Highlighted VERY IMPORTANT part above before proceeding further

1. Now we’re back on track, so you should be on THE PRYDWEN just after receiving the Quest [TACTICAL THINKING] (DO NOT PROGRESS ANY STEPS ON THIS QUEST).

2. Deselect [TACTICAL THINKING] and then head to Teagan the BOS Vendor on the Main Deck.

3. We need to purchase VERTIBIRD GRENADES from Teagan (we need 55 in total), so do the following;

  • Buy all he has in stock, then use the Chair around the corner in the Power Armour Workshop area
  • Then wait for 48hrs to restock Teagan
  • Now buy the VERTIBIRD GRENADES again and repeat until you have 55 VERTIBIRD GRENADES (you only need 50 but we will take 55 just to be safe).
  • This is also a good chance to stock up on 10mm if you need more!

4. If you don’t already have the HACK and LOCKPICK Trophies, then you can HACK the MASTER TERMINAL and/or PICK the Door LOCK next to Teagans store. This TERMINAL and LOCK RESETwhen you wait for 48-72hrs so now is a good time to acquire them last few HACKS/PICKS to give you 50 to earn the Trophies.

5. Once you have the 55 VERTIBIRD GRENADES, and have acquired the Trophies below, warp to SANCTUARY;

WHATS YOURS IS MINE (pick 50 locks)

ROBCOS WORST NIGHTMARE (hack 50 terminals)


1. Find a Open area of the road here with minimal obstacles either side. Then place a > Workshop > Furniture > Chairs > BENCH on each side of the road (the Vertibird will be landing in the center of the road), then perform the following;

  • Once ready, Equip your VERTIBIRD GRENADES and throw 1 in the center of the road in- between the 2 Benches you just placed.
  • As soon as the Vertibird lands, board it and exit straight away, then wait on the nearest Bench for 1hr.
  • Now get up and throw another VERTIBIRD GRENADE in the center of the road again
  • Then board and exit the Vertibird as soon as it lands and then wait for 1hr again on the nearest Bench.

Now simply repeat this until you have completed 50 Misc Objectives (Boarding called Vertibirds count as a Misc Objective) and the Trophy below has popped.


2. Now select the [MASS FUSION] Quest and warp to THE INSTITUTE.

The Institute

1. Talk to Allie Filmore ATM SBCs.

2. Once finished talking, enter/use the Elevator ATM (you may have to press the BUTTON to call it down), and then enter the RELAY ATM to be warped to the MASS FUSION EXECUTIVE SUITE.

Mass Fusion Executive Suite

Remember this area from earlier on the BOS Quest [SPOILS OF WAR]?? You’re doing exactly the same here as you did during that Quest, just with different enemies.

1. Make your way inside and head up the stairs to the QM. As you follow the broken floor around to the QM room, you will come to a ‘Mass Fusion’ Wall Poster with a Desk beneath it just before the door that leads to the QM.

2. Grab the MASS FUSION EXECUTIVE LAB PASSWORD and the MASS FUSION EXECUTIVE ID from on this Desk and then operate the TERMINAL ATM. Select the top choice > Personal Intramail 07-30-77 on the TERMINAL.

3. Now enter the Central Elevator and operate it using the CARD READER.

4. As the Elevator descends, kill any Enemies on your way down.

5. Once the Elevator stops, exit and turn Left (N), then enter the Door in front. Grab the MASS FUSION LABS KEY from the Desk inside, then exit the room and UNLOCK and enter the next door on your Left using the KEY.

6. Fall down the hole inside and make your way to the bottom, jumping over the railings to the ledges below to get down quicker. Once at the bottom, enter the lift ATM.

7. Once you exit the Lift, take the right route down the stairs. Then take a Left into the Locker area and grab a HAZMAT SUIT from one of the Lockers in here.

8. Now make your way to the QM and once in the Main Control Area, enter the SE room (Decompression Room), then press the BUTTON in here and Equip your HAZMAT SUIT straight after (do not un-equip this until I say).

9. Once the door has opened, make your way to the QM and press the Marked BUTTON, then take the BERYLLIUM AGITATOR.

10. Now make your way back to the Decompression Room and press the BUTTON again. Once you have pressed the BUTTON, Un-equip the HAZMAT SUIT and Re-equip all your ARMOUR.

11. Now make your way back to the Lift eliminating all the Enemies as you go (which you will need to anyway in order to progress).

12. Once you’ve entered/used the Lift, make your way outside through the exit ATM.

13. Warp to THE INSTITUTE now as prompted.

The Institute

1. Talk with Allie Filmore ATM, but QS just before talking her and reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: MASS FUSION
  • Quest Begins: PINNED

2. Now go and speak to Father ATM SBCs.

3. Once prompted, warp to GRAYGARDEN ATM.


1. First make a QS, then talk to the MINUTEMEN Contact ATM and select the Left option ‘Its Complicated’, then the right option ‘Stand Down’, followed by the left option ‘Misunderstanding’ and lastly select the bottom choice ‘Work Together‘. MAKE SURE you QS at each Persuasive dialogue option so you can reload in case your not successful in your Persuasion attempts, keeping the Peace here is very important!

2. Once Peace has been made, enter the house and talk to Enrico Thompson ATM SBCs.

3. Next talk to T.S.Wallace through the door SBCs, QS at the Persuasive choice and reload if required.

4. Once Enrico begins talking to you again, SBCs and QS once you the reach the dialogue option where the bottom choice is ‘You’re Welcome’. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: PINNED
  • Quest Begins: POWERING UP

5. Now warp to THE INSTITUTE.

The Institute

1. Talk with Father SBCs.

2. Then once prompted, use the MICROPHONE ATM to make your speech SBCs.

3. Afterwards, talk to Father again SBCs.

4. Once prompted, warp to DCM.


1. Head to and enter the Diamond City Radio Shack ATM.

2. Inside, loot the Marked RADIO PARTS Crate and then interact with each of the 3 Marked RADIO TRANSMITTERS.

  • On the Left TRANSMITTER > Install the thing with buttons.
  • On the Center TRANSMITTER > Install the thing with dials
  • On the Right TRANSMITTER > Install the thing with tubes.

When done correctly, all 5 lights on the Center Console will illuminate and the objective will be complete.

3. Once complete, exit and warp to THE INSTITUTE.

The Institute

1. Talk to Father in Advanced Systems ATM SBCs and then Activate THE REACTOR when prompted.

2. Then use the TERMINAL and select > Reactor Status > Initiate Reactor Startup Sequence.

3. Talk with Father again SBCs and once prompted, make your way back to the Main Hub and up to the Directorate Meeting ATM.

4. Take a seat at the meeting next to Allie Filmore and face her SBCs.

5. Once you reach the dialogue option where bottom choice is ‘Synth Production’, QS and reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: POWERING UP
  • Quest Begins: END OF THE LINE


6. Almost straight after the Meeting and the Quest complete Notification has appeared, a Synth will rush in to talk to you and will give you a msg from Z1-14. Listen to him SBCs.

7. Now deselect [END OF THE LINE] and select [UU].

8. Exit the Meeting room and turn right and head to the SW QM.

9. Once in your room, talk with Z1-14 SBCs, and once finished, warp to the RR HQ.

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