Chapter 4 - The Minutemen

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Starting at the Museum of Freedom, head straight to the QM, you should pass through THICKET EXCAVATIONS along the way.

2. Once at TENPINES BLUFF, talk to the Marked Settler and once the next objective begins, warp to LEXINGTON.


1. Head S from the spawn point then climb the stairs on the 1st building you come close to just on your Left.

2. Once on the roof, look East towards a statue of a ‘Man’ and you will see a Behemoth. Crouch and kill it from here as a Stealth Kill. This Behemoth may not be here yet, depends on your Level, if it isn’t, don’t worry for now, just make a note and come back end-game.

3. Now travel straight to the QM and enter the double doors into CORVEGA ASSEMBLY PLANT.

Corvega Assembly Plant (inside)

When you enter, be sure to disable the Tripwire next to the Nuka-Cola machine on the left.

1. Make your way through the area Looting/Killing as you go and you will eventually come to some stairs. Take a left here and you will come to an elevator. Climb the stairs next to the elevator (ignore the other areas) all the way to the large machine production room at the top.

2. The Marked Enemy will be in here on a elevated platform. Make your way to the South-East walkway and climb the stairs in the corner killing enemies along the way.

3. At the top of the stairs near the gap is a BUTTON on the railing, press this to extend the walkway so you can cross. Cross into the Office making sure you loot Jared’s body for the CORVEGA SAFE KEY and grab the GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN MAG from the desk.

4. Now climb down and go underneath the platform you are currently on, you will see a plank of wood laid against the wall that has ‘Keep Out’ wrote On it, Loot the SAFE hidden behind this for some goodies.

5. Once all is done and QM enemy is dead, exit through the nearby Marked door which will take you outside.

Corvega Assembly Plant (outside)

1. Unchain the door in front and then open the door and move forward slightly eliminating the nearby enemies including the annoying enemies high up on the Plant roof.

2. Once safe, turn and look above the door you just came through. You will see a Tall Red & White Industrial Chimney, and just to the right of that is a large Blue Sphere-like structure with a walkway around the center, you need to make your way to the walkway around that Blue Sphere for a BOBBLEHEAD.

3. Turn back around to face East and make your way around the left (NW) of the Plant and climb the stairs heading to the top of the Blue Sphere.

4. Once at the top of the Blue Sphere, follow the walkway around and collect the REPAIR BOBBLEHEAD at the end.

5. Now warp back to TENPINES BLUFF and report your success.

Tenpines Bluff


1. Before doing anything, make a HS and ONLY THEN report your success to the Settler at the QM.

2. After reporting to the Settler, loot the Workbench behind the Shack once it becomes available to and then warp to SANCTUARY.


1. First, talk to Preston exhausting all his dialogue (he will have a lot).

  • Quest Completed: THE FIRST STEP

2. Carry on talking and you will receive 2 Quests from him. Your hoping for the following Quests;

  • Quest Begins: OUT OF THE FIRE

You definitely need the [OUT OF THE FIRE] Quest, but the [RANDOM RADIANT QUEST] doesn’t matter, but IT CANNOT BE AT ‘GREENTOP NURSERY’ (Very Important).

3. Reload the recent HS you made at TENPINES BLUFF and repeat the steps up until this point until you receive the Quests above from Preston, shouldn’t take many reloads. Don’t worry about IS for [THE FIRST STEP].

4. Once you have the required Quests, talk to Preston 1 more time and recruit him as a companion and send Piper to SANCTUARY. Straight afterwards, talk to Piper before she walks away and recruit her again, sending Preston to SANCTUARY.

5. Next, harvest the Mutfruits, deposit any Aid/Junk, and warp to DCM if you need to sell and/or stock up.

6. Once finished, make sure [OUT OF THE FIRE] is selected and warp to BADTFL REGIONAL OFFICE.

Badtfl Regional Office

1. Head NW from here and cross the nearby bridge North across the river.

2. Once you’ve passed over the bridge, head straight to the QM passing through IRISH PRIDE INDUSTRIES SCRAPYARD and NATIONAL GUARD TRAINING YARD.

3. Once at FINCH FARM, talk to Abraham Finch at the QM SBCs.

4. Now Head directly East, through the nearby water, back onto land, kill the SentryBot you encounter making sure you keep travelling East on the same path.

5. Once you reach the coast here, look NE and enter that building in front; LONGNECK LUKOWSKIS CANNERY through the West entrance.

Longneck Lukowskis Cannery

1. Inside, head left (North) into the Production area. From this doorway, head up the SE stairs, turn West, run forward and climb the stairs here and follow the path around to a double door.

2. Enter the door, and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL you will come to first. Keep following the path around to the end and you will come to a desk with a TALES OF JUNKTOWN JERKY MAG and the BARTER BOBBLEHEAD on a desk/monitor, grab these.

3. Once collected, exit the building and warp back to FINCH FARM.

Finch Farm

1. Then head North to the QM at SAUGUS IRONWORKS.

2. Take a left around the building and eliminate the enemies near the entrance, but be weary of the flame thrower wielding enemies. Ignore the enemies on the roof, then Loot the immediate area and then enter the QM door into SAUGUS IRONWORKS.

Saugus Ironworks

1. Once you enter, head South to the stairs on the opposite wall while being weary of the enemies and looting them as you go.

2. Halfway up the stairs you will come to a room with a ADVANCED wall TERMINAL beside a door. HACK this but don’t enter, instead, turn and head North along the corridor to find a NOVICE TERMINAL beside a Protectron unit. After HACKING this TERMINAL, head back and through the 1st door you HACKED.

3. Head straight East and up the broken walkway in the corner, and then follow the corridor North to the QM door. Enter the QM door into the Blast Furnace.

4. As soon as you enter you will involved in a small scene. When you are asked, select the ‘Sarcastic’ choice for both dialogue options but before you select it the 2nd time, climb the stairs on the right and get yourself lined up close ready to kill the QM enemy ‘Slag’ and the flame wielding Raider beside him (kill the flame wielding enemy 1st).

5. Once lined up, select the ‘Sarcastic’ choice and after the QM enemy has counted to 3, let rip and begin killing the enemies. BUT BE CAREFUL you don’t kill Jake Finch or the captured Settler.

6. Loot the enemies making sure you grab the SHISHKEBAB from Slags body. Also be sure to collect the EXPLOSIVE BOBBLEHEAD which is on top of the wall control panel behind where Slag was originally standing. Also, don’t forget the PICKET FENCES MAG which is on the floor just to the right of where Slag originally was.

7. Afterwards, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL on the wall North of the BOBBLEHEAD and talk to the captured settler and free him/her.

8. Before you leave the room, talk to Jake Finch who should be standing around somewhere and SBCs, maybe at the bottom. If you can’t manage to initiate a conversation (sometimes he will become trapped in a unreachable place) with him don’t worry.

9. Now leave the Building following the QM travelling back to FINCH FARM and a small scene will occur once Jake arrives, QS as soon as the scene starts.


10. During the scene between Jake and Abraham, while keeping the scene in view, back away slightly so your approx 4 car lengths away from Abraham. Now, if at the right distance, the scene will continue and finish, but Abraham WILL NOT initiate a conversation with you afterwards (which would complete the current objective).

11. This is exactly where you want to be, with the scene finished, but not the current objective. HS here, very important you HS in the correct place. If you make a mistake and accidently talk to Abraham and complete the current objective, then reload the recent QS and repeat until the HS is correctly made.

12. Once the HS has been made at the position I stated, ONLY THEN talk to Abraham Finch, handing him the SHISHKEBAB and finishing the objective.

13. Afterwards, loot the now available Workbench and then warp to SANCTUARY.


1. Back here, Talk to Preston SBCs.

  • Quest Completed: OUT OF THE FIRE

2. Keep talking to Preston and you should receive 2 random Quests. 1 of the Quests you receive needs to be [RAIDER TROUBLES AT GREENTOP NURSERY]. If you receive this Quest 1st time, lucky you, if not, reload the HS you made at FINCH FARM, and repeat the steps from there onwards again.

3. If you haven’t received the RTaGN Quest, keep reloading this HS until you receive it from Preston Garvey, shouldn’t take too many reloads. don’t worry about triggering IS for [OUT OF THE FIRE].

  • Quest Begins: MINUTEMEN RANDOM RADIANT QUEST (Can be any random Q, doesn’t matter)

4. Once you’ve acquired the [RTaGN] Quest, deposit your Junk/Aid and harvest the Mutfruit plants. Take any unwanted Weapons/Apaarel you may have stored in the Workbench and then warp to DCM.

5. Sell your unwanted gear, stock up on ammo if needed and then warp to SAUGUS IRONWORKS.

I performed extensive testing in an attempt to work out how to control which Radiant Quests you receive. I believed I had cracked it, but since writing the original Guide, some players have reported that they haven’t been able to receive RTaGN no matter how much they reloaded. This may be down to them doing something different to what I advised in the Guide or maybe because sometimes you just can’t receive it, even though my testing proofed otherwise, or so I thought.

If you have acquired RTaGN, ignore this highlighted section. HOWEVER, if you just can’t seem to receive RTaGN, then follow this;

  1. Whatever Radiant Quests you receive, you must complete the one that involves helping a settlement, so complete that first, hand it in back at the settlement (not to Preston yet) then move on to step 2.
  2. Warp to FINCH FARM
  3. Head N to SAUGUS IRONWORKS, then head just N of here and you will find a crossroads not too far from SAUGUS.
  4. From the crossroad, head directly West until you discover GREENTOP NURSERY (it’s located N of RR HQ and W of SAUGUS, draw an imaginary line if you need to)
  5. Once GREENTOP is discovered, warp to SAUGUS IRONWORKS.
  6. Back at SAUGUS IRONWORKS, head directly N until you reach the river.
  7. Once you meet the river, don’t enter it, instead head directly E.
  8. After travelling E the approx same distance you just travelled from SAUGUS IRONWORKS to the river, you should enter a large quarry, DUNWICH BORERS.
  9. Now at DUNWICH BORERS, continue with the guide from the DUNWICH BORERS steps below. The entrance is at the bottom of the quarry, then once inside it’s pretty linear, you only need to follow the Guide until you have collected the MAG and BOBBLEHEAD from inside, then you can continue with the next steps after RTaGN

JUST REMEMBER, the steps mentioned above are assuming you cannot acquire the RTaGN Quest. This will only mean that things may happen slightly differently at the next few locations, luckily this won’t cause too much trouble though so just bear with it.

Saugus Ironworks

1. Make sure [RTaGN] is selected and head straight to the QM at GREENTOP NURSERIES.

2. Talk to the Settler ATM SBCs and then head to the new QM at DUNWICH BORERS.

Dunwich Borers

1. The enemies can be a pain here with your Weapon, simply because their all scattered about at varying distances and heights and you don’t have a scope. Leave some alive if you wish. Keep an eye on your health, don’t bother looting them once killed and then enter the door at the bottom of DUNWICH BORERS at the QM.

Dunwich Borers (interior)

1. Push forward killing enemies and looting as you proceed to the QM.

2. Throughout this area, as you progress you will find the tunnels are divided into sections with Numbers painted on walls in some of the open parts you come to.

3. You will also find CIRCUIT BREAKER SWITCHES on posts as you navigate the Site, activate these to light up the areas and make it easier to see if you wish.

4. Just after you pass through AREA 3, there will be a large hole with stairs leading down to the bottom. Make your way to the bottom and kill the QM enemy ‘Bedlam’ here, loot him and the area making sure you grab the ASTOUNDINGLY AWESOME TALES MAG of the Armour Bench. Also make sure you HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL on the large green pod in the center.

5. Afterwards, keep pushing forward entering the nearby chained door until you come to a split in the path beside a CIRCUIT BREAKER. There will be a South Route and a West Route. Head West first to AREA 4.

6. Once you enter AREA 4, look to the left of the TERMINAL and take the SNEAK BOBBLEHEAD of the shelf unit.

7. Now retrace your steps slightly to where the path split and now take the South Route. Keep pushing on and once at the top of AREA 6, loot the corpse for the KEY and then unlock and enter the nearby door using the KEY. Use the lift to return to the entrance.

8. Now head back out following the QM and warp back to GREENTOP NURSERY.

Greentop Nursery

1. Once here, talk to the QM Settler exhausting all his dialogue and the Settlement will become available.

COMMUNITY ORGANISER (Ally with 3 settlements)
If you you couldn’t acquire the RTaGN Quest, this Trophy should have popped when you helped another settlement as advised in Step 1 of the recent highlighted section.

2. Now loot the area, making sure you loot the Workbench and harvest the Mutfruits in the greenhouse.

3. Once all is done, warp to DCM.

4. Sell your unwanted Weapons/Apparel, stock up if needed and then warp to SANCTUARY.

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