Seattle Fedra Gate Codes

Fedra Gate Codes

When you first get to Seattle, you will be greeted with a huge metal gate that is locked. Ellie will climb around, but you will need to open this gate in order to let Dina through with the horse. This gate is locked and when you power it up, you will need to have a password to unlock it. What is the password and how to do you find it? 

Turns out there are quite a few locked gates in this region that all require numeric codes to be entered into a keypad in order to unlock them. This guide will help you get through all of the locked gates using the Fedra gate codes.

Large Metal Barrier – Main Gate

The large metal gate is the first obstacle you will come across when you ride through the woods. Ellie will need to climb around the barriers while Dina waits with the horse. Once you are over you will find the controls to open the gate, but there is no power. There is a generator nearby and you will need to solve a small puzzle to power the main gate controls.

If you look in the other cabins in the area, you will find a document that has a bunch of codes written on it. The document will be called Checkpoint Gate Codes. Some of them will be smudged out. This is your key and is a critical piece of paper to have for the rest of this level. The code for the large metal gate will be the first code at the top of this page. 

Head to the main cabin after finding the page with the key codes and enter this code into the computer. This will raise the large metal barrier and allow Dina and the horse to get through. 

Fuck Fedra Gate – East 2

You will go on a bit of a wild goose chase to find fuel for the generator that is needed to unlock this door. Once you have completed all of this, you will have to enter the passcode to unlock the “fuck Fedra gate”. The clue to this is actually in the piece of paper that you found at the large metal gate at the start of the city.

If you look above the keypad, you will see that it says East 2. The code for this gate is actually written on the piece of paper. Use the passcode on this piece of paper below to unlock the gate.

West Gate 2

The two gates above are all you need to be able to progress with the story. You will notice that there are additional codes here. West gate 2 is one of these codes that you will need in order to find a weapon stash. You can read more about this gate in the safe location guide as there is a safe at this location.

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