Powering The Main Gate At Seattle

powering main gate

When you first arrive at the outskirts of Seattle, you will leave Dina outside with the horse and need to find a way to get inside. Once inside, you will need to lift the main gate in order to let Dina through with the horses. This area will offer a bit of a challenge, here is what you need to do if you get stuck.

Bringing power to the main gate is the objective here. Once you have found the generator, start it up. You will find a cable nearby that you can connect to the smaller gate inside and this will allow you to open it. This will give you access to the main gate controls. This is how you can unlock the gate. 

The Power Cable Is Too Short To Reach Main Gate

So here is the main catch, the electrical cable from the generator that you used to unlock the inner gate, is not long enough to reach the main cabin. Without power in this cabin, the computer to unlock this gate will not work. So how do you get the cable to reach?

This one is quite easy once you are shown. Historically, video games wouldn’t offer such realism when it came to this kind of thing, so you may never have even considered it. 

powering main gate
You will need to throw the power cable over the fence in order to reach the main cabin to bring power to the main gate to Seattle to unlock it.

Press L2 while holding the cable and you will be given the option to aim. From the side of the fence with the generator, line yourself up with the electrical panel for the main gate cabin. Throw the cable over the fence using R2 and let go. You can now run around to the other side and pick the cable back up. There will be enough slack in the cable for you to connect it to the panel to power the main gate. 

The next step is to actually unlock it. If you are having trouble, check out this guide to get more information on all of the Fedra gate codes in Seattle.

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