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safe combinations

A new collectable item introduced in The Last of Us Part 2 is safes. These are traditional metal saves with a numeric lock that you unlock using a dial at the front of the door. They are easy to identify when you are in the room with one, but they are often well hidden. To the point where you may find a code and have no idea where the safe actually is. 

There is a trophy for unlocking all of the safes in the game. From chapter select, you will be able to see if there are any that you missed in a specific area. You can go back here using chapter select to recover any that you may have missed. Once you get a safe, make sure it autosaves before quitting back to the main menu.

You won’t be able to use encounter select for most of these. The encounter menu does allow you to revisit elements of the story, but it is strictly limited to combat areas. Most safes are found in areas you explore when there are no enemies. This renders this menu useless for the job. 

Code For Safe In Supermarket

Chapter: Jackson
Encounter: Patrol
Combination: 072013

You will come across this safe in the main supermarket building while on the patrol with Dina. After getting through the loading area out the back, you will learn how to craft a bandage. You will find a door before the canteen that contains a large safe with a combination lock.

A piece of paper next to the code explains that you need to use the date that the “good boy” got employee of the month, The good boy is the doggo which you will see was awarded the employee of the month in July 2013. This means the password is 072013 since july is the 7th month of the year.

Bank Vault Code

Chapter: Seattle Day 1
Encounter: Downtown
Combination: 602306

Bank vault is found in the ruins of the city hall. When you enter the area on the horse, turn left and you will find the ruins of the city hall on the left side of the map. Go through the crumbled door and you will end up in the main area of the bank. The entrance is quite small but you will spot it once you get to the part of the building that shows the “City Hall” letters which have partially fallen off.

bank vault safe location
Turn left when you first enter the area. The city hall writing is hard to see. The entrance is hidden below. Follow the path inside to get to the bank and find the vault.

Inside the bank, there is a room to the left behind all of the teller desks. This is the vault room. There is a note inside this room with the safe code written on it. To open the large bank vault door, use 602306. Unfortunately, money is no longer any use to you.

West Gate 2 Safe Code

Chapter: Seattle Day 1
Encounter: Downtown
Combination: 0451

This is a stash that you will find a note for telling you where it is. Once you arrive at the west gate one, which is opposite the courthouse, you will need to squeeze through the gate to get around. The code to the safe is the code to the west 2 gate which you can find on the checkpoint gate codes document. This is one of the more unusual

Code For Safe At Courthouse

Chapter: Seattle Day 1
Encounter: Downtown
Combination: 860722

You will find the safe in the lower levels of the courthouse. It looks like the main reception opposite the entrance which is now boarded up. The password is super secure for this one. You will find it written on the whiteboard in the same office as the safe. The image below shows the code which is 860722.

Thrift Store Safe Code

Chapter: Seattle Day 1
Encounter: Capitol Hill
Combination: 550133

Shortly after coming across the crip wire explosives, you will get to a couple of stores (you also find a dead horse right before you get to this area). There will be trip wires everywhere but no infected. You will first need to go through a gym, dodging the wires. Head around them and go into the thrift store across from the gym building you started in.

Take care to avoid all of the wires around here. They are everywhere and the sudden sound the explosion makes will scare the shit out of you if the volume is up. 

Go into the back room of the store and take the door on the left. The safe is inside this room. Notes outside will explain that the passcode is the last 6 numbers of stacy’s phone number. You will find this number in the bathroom on the wall for anyone looking for a good time. Use the combination 550133 to get in.

Auto Shop Safe Code

Chapter: Seattle Day 2
Encounter: Hillcrest

Getting in here comes at a cost. There are around 5 infected inside the building. As soon as you open the door, they are going to come pouring out. Have a Molotov at the ready to throw inside as soon as the door opens. It will save you the trouble of them spilling out and overwhelming you. 

The code for auto shop safety is found in the kitchen of the bar. It is stuck up on a corkboard to the left as you walk into the kitchen from the main bar area. There is a shambler roaming around here so you will have to be careful. The code on the page is 308265

Apartment Bedroom Closet Safe Code

Chapter: Seattle Day 2
Encounter: The Seraphites
Combination: 100883

This one took me so long to figure out! The safe can be found in the bedroom closet of an apartment up the road from the conference center stash. You will need to jump onto the porch above the front door and jump around to get inside here. I don’t know why these guys needed such a giant safe in their home but they have one. 

The combination for the lock is the anniversary date, which can be found on the calendar. It is marked as being the 30th anniversary so subtract 30 from 2013 and you have the combination which is 100883.


Pharmacy Back Office Safe 

Chapter: Seattle Day 2
Encounter: The Seraphites
Combination: 38-55-23

After stealing a boat, you will need to do a bit of white water rafting. You will eventually reach a building that has a locked chain gate. Unlocking it is easy, but if you look to a cage to the right, you will see a large free-standing safe. How do you get into it and what is the code to unlock it?

If you look to the left of the room, you will see some steps that bring you up to the offices above. You will find a dead body in the offices up here and he will have a page that contains the combination which is 701264. To get to the safe, you need to crawl under some rubble on the other side of the room. Crawl to the far end and you will be able to drop down into the cage area that contains the safe. You will be able to unlock the gate from this side to get back to your boat.

Safe In Cage At Water Rapids

Chapter: Seattle Day 3
Encounter: The Flooded City
Combination: 701264

When you get a hold of a boat, you will find yourself taking part in some white water rafting. After a short time, pretty much at the start of the Flooded City chapter, you will come to a metal gate that you need to open using a chain. Simple enough really.

Before you open this, look to the right. You will see a safe locked in a cage here. Turn to the left and go up the stairs to the office above. A body in the left corner of the room contains the safe combination which is 701264. 

Run over to the rubble at the other side of the room and pull the little cart out of the way. You will now be able to crawl under the rubble and when you get to the other side, hop out of the window. This will allow you to drop down to the area below where you will be able to unlock the safe. 

MS Building Safe After Boat House

Chapter: Seattle Day 1 Abby
Encounter: On Foot

This safe is a hard enough one to find, finding the combination is even harder. There is a note in the portacabin that says the code to the safe is “the big win”. The picture on the wall of the fish might seem like it but it’s not. If you go into the main room of the cabin you will see a cork board on the wall with lottery numbers. There is a red circle around the winning numbers (173807), which is the win the note is referring to. 

To find the safe, go to the building across from the cabin. You will find the door is locked. If you turn to the left and go around, you will find a crack in the wall behind a dumpster that you can squeeze through. You will find the brown safe in here.

Code For Safe In ChinaTown

Chapter: Seattle Day 1 Abby
Encounter: Hostile Territory
Combination: 689689

You will arrive in a small China town area with a couple of stores decorated to look like Chinese buildings. The safe code is upstairs above a vase shop. You will find it after jumping across the street below, the code for it is 689689. The safe is in the first building to the left when you arrive in the street.

Ferry Cockpit Safe Code

Chapter: Seattle Day 1 Abby
Encounter: The Coast
Combination: 907701

Getting through this boat is a little stressful at times. Lots of strong enemies and lots of tight hallways. The good news is you will find a combination safe in the boat cockpit area, at least what is left of it. Head through the boat and you will find this safe on the upper deck, just before the end of the level.

Warhammer Apartment Safe Code

Chapter: Seattle Day 2 Abby
Encounter: The Shortcut
Combination: 302304

During your supply run for medical supplies, you will come across an apartment within the rapids. There are lots of warhammer models sitting on the tables. There is a large safe in the bedroom but no notes nearby. This one is quite difficult to solve as it requires you to read a note that doesn’t hand the code over to you easily. 

The code is the apartment number and the apartment number of the person living next door. Stick both codes together and you get 302304. Use this to get into the big bedroom safe.

Hotel Barclay Gym Safe Combination

Chapter: Seattle Day 2 Abby
Encounter: The Descent
Combination: 121879

At the start of this encounter, when you end up in the swimming pool, you will end up coming across a gym. It is near the very start. Before you go down the stairs, make sure to look around, it’s a big glass room. On the wall there is a wifi password. A note in the canteen tells you that this same code is used to open the safe. 

To find the safe, go from the gym into the hall where the elevators and stairs access is. To the left of this, there is a janitor’s room. The safe is in here.

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