Getting Over The Gate During Abby Flashback

When you are a few hours into the game, you will end up in a flashback scene where you play as Abby. You will be running through the woods looking for your father before arriving at a building with a locked gate that you need to find a way to get over. Looking around the area doesn’t give much to help you out. Here is how to solve this puzzle. 

Find The Bathroom

If you are looking at the locked gate, turn right and you will find a door that brings you into a bathroom. The sinks will be right ahead as you walk in. If you look up above the sink there will be a window. This is where you need to go, the problem is the window does not open.

Find a Brick or Bottle

There is a bin inside this bathroom. There should be some glass bottles around that you can pick up. You need to throw one of these bottles through the glass window above the sink. This will allow you to climb through if you jump up onto the sink. 

Use the Dumpster To Get Onto the Roof

Once you are over on the other side, you will be able to move the dumpster outside. I believe you may also find your first coin out here too. Press Triangle to move the dumpster and pull it over toward the building. You can then climb on top of this, giving you access to the roof. You can run over toward where the locked gate was and jump over to the other side.

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