The Last of Us Part 2 Collectable Guide

last of us part 2 collectable guide

There are several types of collectables to search for while you are adventuring through the fantastic and lengthy campaign in the Last of Us 2. For those who want to get that platinum trophy, you will need to make sure you find all of the collectables.

Finding all of the collectables is doable on your own, but you may find yourself pulling your hair out when there are only two or three left to discover. The video playlist below will show you where to find all of the collectables across every chapter in the game. 

What Collectables Are There In Last of Us Part 2

The video guide above will give you the location of every single collectable in the one video. You can start the game and this guide will show you where to find everything. Here is a breakdown of all of the different types of collectables you will need to look out for if you are aiming for 100% completion in this game.


These are random items that are often relative to the story or the level that you are playing in. These can be things like statues or relics that are left lying around. More often than not, these will be left in open areas and are generally quite easy to find. 


Journals are notes that can serve as a deep insight into the terror and panic that unfolded when the infection first took over the world. They are found all over the place. Sometimes in houses, sometimes on bodies. They can contain pretty much anything. 

Playing Cards

When you are playing as Ellie, you will come across playing cards. These are hidden in all sorts of random locations, making them difficult to predict. Their size also makes them a little difficult to find at times. If you are familiar with playing cards, they won’t be too difficult for you to identify when you spot one.

Collectable Coins

These are the equivalent of playing cards in the Abby storyline. She collects coins and when you are playing as her, you will come across plenty of them. They are easier to find than you might think as the game often pushes you toward their locations. They won’t be something you easily spot from a distance though. Those who are experienced in collectable hunting will likely find these without a problem as they are found in a lot of the more predictable locations. 


Safes are one of the more enjoyable and rewarding collectables in the game. They are a two-part collectable. You must first locate the six-digit used to unlock the safe and then must locate the safe itself. Opening them is a combination lock and is a simple process. You will find cool upgrades, gear, pills and other useful materials to help you survive. It is always worth going out of your way to finding the safes in this game. 


Workbenches are large tables with tools that you can use to upgrade your weapons provided you have obtained enough scrap. There is almost always a stash of scrap nearby which is helpful to give you what you need to get the next upgrade. They are never difficult to spot, you will just need to make sure you look around in every abandoned building to find where the upgrade stations are found. 

Training Manuals

Collecting all of the journals is quite easy. Mainly because they are not really missable. They can be found in safes, but you will also find them in some random locations like bedside lockers in homes. If you miss a journal, chances are you will find the same one in a different location in the game. The journals will reappear in future locations in the game. 

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