How To Get Out Of The Synagogue

get out of the synagogue

During your hunt for the fuel needed to power the locked Fedra gate, you will end up at the synagogue. This is the large building with the dome roof and stained glass windows. 

Once inside, you will need to hop over some gates in order to access the fuel tank that is locked inside a metal cage. Once you have this finished, you will need to get back out and move on. This part can be tricky as all of the lower level gates and doors are locked. The way you came in is now too high that you are unable to reach it. What do you do now?

How to get out of the Synagogue

If you go back into the cage that you just left, you will see the moveable trolly that you used to climb over the fence to get to the fuel in the first place. The gate in this area is now open, you will be able to push this trolly out into the main hall area.

If you look near the main entrance to the building, you will see there is a platform that looks like you can climb, but it is out of reach. Push this trolly over to it and it will give you the boost in height that you need in order to be able to climb up. 

Once you are up here, you turn to the right and you will see a rope. You can use this rope to swing over to the left side of the room and you will find a way to escape here. You are now free to go on your way.

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