How To Get The Paraglider In Tears of the Kingdom

How To Get The Paraglider In Tears Of The Fallen Kingdom

One of the greatest addition to Links backpack in Breath of the Wild was the handy paraglider that let you fly around the map and traverse deep chasms without breaking a sweat. Making your way through the opening quest, The Closed Door in Tears of the Kingdom, Link will find himself stripped of all his gear and abilities from Breath of the Wild, including that handy paraglider. So how do you get it?

In order to get the paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom, you are going to need to complete the game’s introductory mission which requires you to visit four shrines in a sky island and then make your way to the temple of time before returning to the land of Hyrule below.

The paraglider will be given to you as part of the main quest. You will visit a small town that has been set up on the outskirts of Hyrule Castle grounds. A lot easier now that we no longer have those pesky guardians roaming around the place.

tears of the kingdom paraglider

You will need to get to the point where you activate the first of the Skyview towers. The main quest will guide you to this point. Before you activate the tower, you will be granted the paraglider. Now that you have it, you can get back to the awesome platforming that we remember from BOTW. One of the nice things you can do in this game is change the fabric of the paraglider when you have obtained some of the sheets of fabric that are available from various locations in the game.

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