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Clues To The Sky Quest

You will pick this quest up after restoring the broken tablet for the historian who will tell you to return to King Dorephan. The quest objective remains at the location of the historian, however, so you won’t know where to find the king. So where is King Dorephan in Tears of the Kingdom?

You will first need to return to the main Zora Domain. This is just down the waterfall so you should be able to glide down easily enough. Once you get there, the king’s throne room is in the upper area of the structure. You will find he is not here though, instead, there are kids playing and they will not let you near. This is the start of the quest.

The Riddle For Clues To The Sky

Stand upon the land of the sky fish, and behold its lofty view. Among the floating rocks you see, a droplet waits for you. 

Through this droplet, shoot an arrow with the mark of the king. Do this task and you hall reveal a most wondrous thing.

See the watery bridge’s resting spot with your own two eyes,…that which connects the zora to the people of the skies. 

How To Listen In On The Kids Story

There will be a few kids speaking in the throne room in secret. There will be a woman at the bottom of the stairs wanting to know what the kids are talking about. On the edge of the room, there will also be a guard who is sweeping, trying, unsuccessfully to listen in to what the kids are saying.

In order to listen in to what they are saying, you will need to walk around the outer edge of the throne room and climb over the large back that stands behind the small pool of water that King Dorephan would normally sit in. Jump down into the water and sneak up to the kids and you will see a prompt allowing you to listen in to what the kids are saying. The video guide below will show you how to do this.

The kids will reveal a few clues, the biggest being “So it’s gotta be a place somewhere between the Ploymus Mountain and the domain where the clean water flows”. If you take this information and speak with the woman at the bottom of the stairs, you will find more information. You will need to figure out where to find the pristine sanctum as this is where King Dorephan has gone.

pristine sanctum location

Finding The Hidden Waterfall Entrance To Pristine Sanctum

This will be a lot easier if you have completed the restoring the Zora armor quest as it will give you the ability to swim up waterfalls, helping you navigate the area a lot faster and easier. The video guide below will show you exactly where to go but you will find it behind the second large waterfall up the hill from Zoras Domain.

If you do not have the Zora armor, you can fast-travel up to the shrine at the top of the waterfall where you met Sidon and glide your way down as it is possible to access the sanctum from above as seen in the image below.

pristine sanctum entrance

The easy way is to swim to the second level of the large waterfall and you will be able to swim through the main waterfall to find a secret doorway inside. This can be a tad tricky with the Zora armor equipped as it can often trigger the swim animation to go up the waterfall when you do not want it to do this.

Once you are inside the pristine sanctum, speak with King Dorephan and he will give you some more clues to help you solve the riddle. He will give you 5 of his scales which are considered the mark of the king and now you will be onto the next part of the puzzle, which is just as tricky as the last.

Where To Find The Land Of The Sky Fish

For the next part of the clues to the sky quest, you will need to “Stand upon the land of the sky fish”. So where do you find this land of the sky fish? Several people will have given you some clues. To find it, you will need to fast travel back up to the shrine next to Sidon at the top of the main waterfall in Zoras Domain.

As soon as you spawn, you may immediately see the waterfall in the sky. The map marker below will show you where to find it but if you open your map and toggle the map of the sky instead of the default view of the land you can move forward a bit and you will see an area that is shaped like a fish. This is where you need to go.

Standing on a fallen stone and using it to travel up into the sky by reversing time is the best way to make it up to the land of the sky fish. If you have the Zora armor equipped, you will be able to glide directly into the waterfall coming from the mouth of the fish and it will trigger the swim animation to get you up to the top of the sky fish.

where to find land of sky fish

Shooting An Arrow Through The Droplet

Now that you have made it up to the land of the sky fish, you will need to figure out “Through this droplet, shoot an arrow with the mark of the king“. We have already gotten the king scales, we are on the sky fish, so now we just need to find the droplet.

The droplet is actually made up of several of the rocks floating in the sky. You need to position yourself in the perfect location for those rocks to make up the shape of the drop. The video guide below will show you exactly where to stand to get this.

kings mark drop

Standing in the center of the fish on the highest part and looking down toward the large lake where the divine beast was hanging out in the last game you should see the drop shape. Hold RZ to draw your bow. Press up on the D-pad and equip one of the king’s scales to the bow’s arrow. Shoot that arrow through the drop and it will fire all the way down to the lake below, creating a pillar of light.

Return to Sidon and he will ask you to meet him at the pillar of light which has appeared at the lake. Meet him down here and the quest is complete!

Clues to the Sky is without a doubt the most enjoyable puzzle quest in the game. The riddle can be quite tricky at times but it sure is a satisfying one to have solved. Hopefully, this guide saved you from getting stuck for too long.

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